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SAHA undertakes short or long-term collaborations with various international institutions, enhancing international networks and thus contributing towards Turkey’s engagement in contemporary art.

Collaborating institutions


Apartman Projesi Berlin
SAHA established a partnership with the Apartment Project Berlin. In this respect, SAHA supports the projects at the Apartment Project for the artists and curators from Turkey in 2014. Apartment Project, which was started for interdisciplinary sharing, communion production and exhibiting opportunities; had been an open platform for solo exhibitions of artists from Turkey and abroad, interdisciplinary partnerships, presentations, and panel discussions. Since September 1st 2012, Apartment Project have been working on their projects in Berlin by suggesting several communal living and collective production models that focus more on process .

Ashkal Alwan
SAHA established a partnership with Ashkal Alwan. Ashkal Alwan announced an open call in 2015 for their residency programme and Barış Doğrusöz and Merve Ertufan have been selected as the residency artists from Turkey supported by SAHA. The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, Ashkal Alwan is a non-profit organization based in Beirut. Since 1993, the association has been committed to the production, facilitation and circulation of creative and intellectual endeavors across a range of disciplines and media.


Corridor Project Space

SAHA Association has established a partnership with Amsterdam-based Corridor Project Space through a trilogy of exhibitions organized under the umbrella title "Teotwaki". Also known as De Kijkdoos Public Space, it develops projects that feature young artists from Turkey. Corridor Project Space is a both public and private initiative that seeks to function as a cultural cabin, covering all kinds of artistic research and cultural production, as well as bringing together collaborators by opening up a space for new interactions.

Delfina Foundation
SAHA established a partnership with the Delfina Foundation in London. In this respect, SAHA will support a studio at the Delfina Foundation for the researchers, artists and curators from September 2013.The Delfina Foundation (DF) is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to facilitating artistic exchange through residencies, partnerships and public programming.



Depo is a space for critical debate and cultural exchange in the city center of Istanbul that hosts exhibitions concerning social and political matters regarding Turkey and its region.This partnership between SAHA and DEPO intends to increase the visibility foresees to organize solo shows for artists who independently sustain an artistic practice In 2016-2017, Fahrettin Örenli, Ali Cabbar, Berat Işık, Fatma Çiftçi and Pınar Öğrenci were supported as part of this partnership.


FLORA ars+natura
SAHA has initiated a partnership with FLORA ars+natura in Bogota. Erkan Öznur has been selected to participate in a residency program titled ‘Escuela Flora’ between the dates 5 February–13 December 2018 in Arte Flora’s Casa Flora campus with support from SAHA. With an emphasis on the relationship between art and nature, Arte Flora is a space for contemporary art that aims to become a point of reference for the local art scene in Bogota through hosting residencies and realising educational programs, commisioned projects, and pedagogical activities.

ICI – Independent Curators International
SAHA Association and ICI initiated a partnership in 2011. SAHA will be supporting the participation of curators who have been accepted to ICI’s training programs for a period of three years. SAHA’s collaboration with this internationally renowned institution of 35 years of experience has also resulted in the initiation of a “SAHA Research Grant” to provide an opportunity for the program’s alumni to continue their research.

The International Studio & Curatorial Program
SAHA established a partnership with the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York. ISCP in Brooklyn, New York announces an open call for a residency for an artist from Turkey supported by SAHA, Istanbul. ISCP is a leading nonprofit, residency-based contemporary art institution for emerging to mid-career artists and curators from around the world, including the United States. With 30+ artists and curators in residence at all times, the program provides residents with the space, time, and support to develop new projects.

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
Adnan Yıldız, who has become the director of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart in 2011, has initiated an artistic research program. In this respect, SAHA and Künstlerhaus Stuttgart has established a partnership for a period of years. This partnership foresees to support the total budget of the program for a period of three years and to contribute towards the missions of both SAHA and Künstlerhaus Stuttgart.

(2014–2015 / 2017–2018)

SAHA has established a partnership with Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. In this respect, an artist from Turkey will be supported by SAHA for two years at Rijksakademie's SAHA Studio. Rijksakademie, a leading arts institution that opened in 1870, initiates partnerships for the studios it offers as part of its residency program and hosts more than 50 artists every year.

Spring Workshop

SAHA established a partnership with the Spring Workshop in Hong Kong. SAHA provided support for the participation of curator and arts writer Özge Ersoy to the Spring Workshop for a research residency in June–July 2016. Spring Workshop is a cultural initiative that brings people together to experiment with the way we relate to art. Committed to an international cross-disciplinary program of artist and curatorial residencies, exhibitions, music, film and talks, Spring serves as a platform and laboratory for exchange between the vibrant artists, organisations and audiences that define Hong Kong’s rich cultural landscape and their international counterparts who seek to engage in far-reaching dialogue.

SAHA established a partnership with the WIELS in Brussels. WIELS in Belgium announces an open call this year for their residency programme and Elif Erkan has been selected as the residency artist from Turkey supported by SAHA, Istanbul. WIELS is an international laboratory for the creation and the diffusion of contemporary art . Focusing on visual arts, but granting particular attention to crossovers and interactions with other disciplines, WIELS presents contemporary art in all its diversity and offers a permanent dialogue with the developments and the most recent debates of the art world.

Witte de With
Center for Contemporary Art

Defne Ayas has become the director of the public art institution Witte de With in Rotterdam in 2012 and has initiated a program to increase the visibility of artists from Turkey. In this respect, SAHA has established a partnership with Witte de With. SAHA-Witte de With partnership foresees to support the total budget of the program for a period of three years and to support the missions of both SAHA and Witte With.