1-2 November 2015

Ali Taptık

Ali Taptık 1–2 NOVEMBER 2015 SAHA supported the production of the book published by Marraine Ginette Editions.

The book “Nothing Surprising” is the result of a long-term project that was born after the financial crisis of 2008. “Nothing Surprising” presents a set of photographs, texts, various documents (press and archives) and is transcribed by an acumulation of fragments of history, the city, the author.

The folding of the book allows the reader to discover hidden documents between pages. If he wishes, the reader may cut the pages of the book to reveal what it hides or decide instead to leave it as it is. SAHA supported the production of the book published by Marraine Ginette Editions.

“Nothing Surprising” is an evocative summary of urban life in Istanbul from the financial crisis of 2008 until the Gezi Commune in June 2013. Images depict crises of individuals along with urban conflicts and ecological events. It can be considered the second volume in a series of “Novellas” that started with “Kaza ve Kader” published by Filigranes Editions in 2009.

In contemporary Turkish, “Kaza ve Kader” can be translated as “Accident and Destiny” but when one considers the Islamic connotations of the words, they can be interpreted as “Event and Outcome” as well. Where “Kaza ve Kader” investigates concepts of accident, randomness and causality, “Nothing Surprising” deals with the notions of crisis and futility of resistance in a more evocative way. The relevance of the theme lies in the local context of the images. Ali Taptık has been following urban events rigorously until 2013 documenting important events in the city and its effects on the lives of individuals.

Ali Taptık

About Ali Taptık

Ali Taptık was born in 1983, in Istanbul where he continues to live & work. Taptik graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University and is an autodidact photographer. He continued his education in Architecture at ITU with a Master’s thesis in the History of Architecture with a focus on History of Photography and Representation of City. He is currently a Phd candidate at ITU. Taptık also collaborated with Prof. Dr. Uğur Tanyeli and Bülent Erkmen on the double book “İstanbul’u Resmetmek – Türkiye’ nin Görsellik Tarihine Giriş” (Depicting Istanbul – An Introduction to the History of Visuality in Turkey). He is one of the founding members of the Istanbul based Publisher’s Collective “Bandrolsüz”.


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