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Ahmet Öğüt, “Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating”

Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating

SAHA supported the production of Ahmet Öğüt’s new work for his solo show at the Chisenhale Gallery (29 April–31 May 2015).

Chisenhale Gallery presents a new major commission by Ahmet Öğüt. “Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating” is a new work, comprising a live event and a film installation but it also functions as a form of retrospective, collectively formed through the memories and experiences of Öğüt’s past collaborators. For “Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating”, Öğüt stages a public discussion at Chisenhale Gallery, bringing together his ex-collaborators from various professions and nationalities.

Ten collaborators, including an auctioneer, a firefighter, a hairdresser, a stuntman, a lip reader and a sports caster, have been invited to Chisenhale Gallery to share their experiences of collaborating with Öğüt and to collectively generate a new idea for an artwork on behalf of the artist.

For this particular work, the gallery was transformed into a TV studio; a set was specially constructed to stage the discussion and to present a film documenting the event. The project was opened with a concert during which the artist collaborated with the band Fino Blendax.

About the Chisenhale Gallery

Chisenhale Gallery supports the production and presentation of new forms of artistic activity and engages diverse audiences, both local and international. This expands on their award winning, 32-year history as one of London’s most innovative forums for contemporary art and their reputation for producing important solo commissions with artists at a formative point in their career.