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Ali Miharbi

SAHA provided production support for Ali Miharbi, who was invited by the Horniman Museum and Gardens to produce a new project. 

The installation titled “Wind Organ” is inspired by the museum's musical instrument collection which Ali Miharbi visited during his residency at Delfina Foundation in 2017. The collection is one of the most comprehensive in the UK including over 8,000 objects made to produce sound as well as the archives of instrument makers and collectors. 

One of a series of works related to the air and the voice that Ali Miharbi has developed, the wind organ is an aeolian instrument that brings together nature, musical sound and human vocal range. Five 3 metre poles are installed in a higher part of the garden. Each of the tubes is shaped after acoustic filters that produce vowel-like sounds when used in combination with a reed. Here, instead of a reed, a kind of whistle is used as the sound source (a pipe with a slit), which is played by the wind and creates a more flute-like sound where the different vowel filters create different timbres. The corresponding vowels are A, E, I, O and U. The instrument is inspired by bamboo kite flutes/whistles, as well as aeolian bamboo-organs and wind organs from South-East Asia and the Pacific.

About Ali Miharbi

Ali Miharbi (1976, ─░stanbul) graduated from Northwestern University with a degree on Electronic and Computer Engineering as well as Art Theory and Practice. He earned his MFA in Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University. His work can take many forms from photographic, graphic or sculptural pieces to dynamic systems driven by live or stored data. Using his background in engineering, Miharbi takes systems within the fields of economy, management, psychology, sociology, computer science, and linguistics; where top-down and bottom-up approaches are used in conjunction, to create fruitful feedback loops or conceptual short-circuits. Turkey, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, Brasil, Germany and USA are among the places he has traveled from Istanbul - where he lives- to exhibit his work.

Miharbi was a resident artist at the Delfina Foundation London in 2017. His solo exhibitions include "Stroke", Schauraum, MQ Vienna (2014), "On the Mechanical Operation of the Spirit", Pilot Gallery, Istanbul (2013) and "Séance", Interstate Projects, New York (2011). In 2016 his work has been included in Grammagraph at Tüyap, Istanbul; Play is Freedom at B-Start, Istanbul and Stay with Me at Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam. Previous group exhibitions include Colomboscope 2016 – Testing Grounds: Art and Digital Cultures in South Asia and Europe, Former General Post Office, Colombo, Sri Lanka (2016), Trocadero, Nesrin Esirtgen Collection, Istanbul (2014), Home/s, Benaki Museum, Athens (2013), Turkish Art New and Superb, TANAS, Berlin (2012), When Ideas Become Crime, Depo, Istanbul (2010), Emerging Forms of Digital Art, Museum of Modern Art, Toluca City, MX (2008).

About the Horniman Museum and Gardens

The Horniman Museum and Gardens in south east London houses important collections of anthropology, musical instruments, natural history, an acclaimed aquarium and 16 acres of gardens. The Museum welcomes around 900,000 visitors to the Museum and Gardens each year and is supported by a vibrant programme of events and activities, including a contemporary art commissioning programme.