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Laboro Ergo Sum – I Work Therefore I Am!

The theme of amber’15 is work and labor. Has digitalization devalued or cheapened labor? How has the relation between labor and capital changed? How widespread is insecurity with regards to work, how has unpaid labor increased? In what way has the relation between work and labor evolved? From white collar to youth who use digital tools, how has people’s attitude toward their own labor changed? Can we talk about robotic or cyborg labor? What’s the role of digital technologies in the growing unemployment, poverty and deepening class-wage gap? Have digital technologies honed the existing antagonisms? Is the reappearance of Marx’ theory of value in contemporary thought-scape an indication of a lack of change in terms of labor and exploitation?

SAHA supported the production of Ebru Kurbak, Bager Akbay, Serkan Demir, Rafet Arslan and Onur Sönmez ’s new works for the exhibition “Laboro Ergo Sum – I Work Therefore I Am!” is organized by amberPlatform.

Curator: Ekmel Ertan
Artists and Works: Ebru Kurbak & Irene Posch “Crafted Logic”, Bager Akbay “Deniz Yılmaz”, Serkan Demir “Alıntı I”, Ioana Păun  “Natalia, Turn the Light on”, Rafet Arslan “The Pyramid of Art – Labour  –“, Onur Sönmez “Homage to Lottery & Mr. Adiguzel”, Ellie Harrison “Timelines”, Sam Meech “Punchcard Economy”.

About amberPlatform and BIS

Since its establishment, amberPlatform has been organizing amberFestival, the first festival in Turkey to focus solely on art and technology, and realizing various other art and technology related projects, organizing artistic and academic events.

amberPlatform and other “amber” projects are initiated and run by BIS. BIS Body Process Arts Association is an Istanbul-based initiative that aims to explore artistic forms of expression at the conjunction of the body and digital processes. It was founded in 2007 as an association by a team of researchers and artists from various disciplines such as dance, performance, design, social sciences and engineering. The founders of BIS came together in order to create a local discussion and production platform on art and technology in a globalized world transformed by new technologies itself.

BIS’s objective is to establish a permanent center that will focus on the research, production and education in the field of body-process arts in Istanbul. Simultaneously, BIS seeks to create an international network of artists, researchers and technicians with whom it would continue to work and cooperate in a spirit of cooperation and exchange. It thus aims to participate in universal art from a local and regional perspective. BIS prioritizes new openings in the field of body-process arts that are brought on by cultural exchange and cooperation projects that also include artists and initiatives that are not part of the global art circuits.