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SAHA supported the production of new work by BAÇOY KOOP, who is invited for a series of special performances and talks titled 'Red Love' curated by the Konstfack CuratorLab 2017/18 participants.

Drawing on dissident produced literature, Istanbul based BAÇOY KOOP (Printing, Duplication and Distribution Cooperative) presented a new performance “Sweet Confiscation”. In this performance, the Censor, The Anchorman, The Revolutionary and The Submissive are caught in an absurd loop. The Anchorman presents news in a biased manner, The Revolutionary distributes declarations with an opposing view, The Censor intervenes with the written content produced by The Revolutionary and The Submissive drifts back and forth between The Anchorman and The Censor.

Titled “We are not familiar with a generation that has no understanding of sadness”, the narrative of the video work is structured around printed matter that has been reproduced using a mimeograph machine that draws from both historical and contemporary dissident propaganda and literature. By using significant political texts and transcripts from history as a reference point, against this historical background, BAÇOY KOOP aims to reflect upon the contemporary situation in Turkey. In affinity with previous generations, who are saddened by the perished dreams and ideals, they search for agency under oppression - attempting to negotiate their elusive position between two extremes of utopian escapism and revolutionary struggle as recourse to estrangement.


BAÇOY KOOP is a printing, duplication and distribution cooperative that claims the mimeograph technology as a tool of resistance and revisits the culture of independent publishing mediated by the mimeograph technology in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Looking closely at printed matter produced by literary and artistic communities, dissident political organizations in Turkey and the civil rights movement in the USA, their work explores how communities, alternative value systems, political horizons and artistic imaginaries were organized around the immediate and collective production potential of the mimeograph. The cooperative owns two mimeograph machines and shares its means of production with other self-organized initiatives for the production of printed materials.

About Tensta Konsthall

Situated in the suburbs of Stockholm and established in 1998, Tensta Konsthall is one of Europe’s leading centres for contemporary art currently directed by Maria Lind. Tensta Konsthall aims to exhibit the best contemporary art from around the world, and act as an active, social hub for its local community in Tensta.