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Barış Acar | Ekphrasis Triology

Ekphrasis Triology

SAHA supported Barış Acar’s book titled Ekphrasis Triology, in collaboration with Neuer Wiener Diwan.

Ekphrasis Triology is an attempt to keep an archive of contemporary art history of Turkey, investigating the local reflections of international debates on art theory. First book, titled Passages Between The Visible And The Sayable, focuses on debates on contemporary art scene in Turkey, institutional organizations, conceptual group exhibitions as well as critique and polemics. Second and third books titled “Individualizations in Contemporary Art” examine this course through artists, by focusing on an individual case in each article.

About Barış Acar

Barış Acar (1977, Aydın) studied Art History at Hacettepe University in Turkey. He received his MA from the Department of Art History of Ankara University, writing a thesis on the theory of art history. He is still doing research on the theory of Art History at the Faculty of Art History of University of Vienna. He has an experimental short story book titled Clot (2012), and books on art history Procrustean Bed (2015), The Conversations on Art with an Upside Down Turtle (2016), and Turkish-English bilingual haiku books Dust (2016) and Glass (2018), besides articles published in various edited books and catalogues.