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Can Altay


Carricola opened their new street market of organic vegetables and crafts. The market stalls have been built locally by the neighbours after a 1 year dialogue between the artist Can Altay and them. Can Altay’s project takes as starting point the cooperation which has been developing among the inhabitants of Carrícola (Valencia) for the last decades. The village started ecologically cultivating the whole extension of its lands at a moment when this model of sustainable agriculture was only emerging. Now, they are still pioneers, for all the neighbours are involved in commercializing their production and revitalizing the village. The project joins a recent initiative to establish a weekly market of local vegetables, and, along with Campo Adentro, proposes forms of encounter, support and circulation of the initiative. On the 31st of March the artist went to Valencia city, for a presentation and roundtable with the students of Fine Arts University, and in dialogue with Fernando Garcia Dory and Stephanie Smith, curator of Smart Museum of Chicago.

About Can Altay

About Campo Adentro

Inland - Campo Adentro is a social sculpture and a cultural strategy initiated by Fernando Garcia Dory, that examines the role of territories, geopolitics, culture, and identity in the relationship between the city and the countryside, taking Spain as a first case study.  From 2010 - 2013, its activities included a research and analysis stage with film programs, an international conference at the Reina Sofia attended by more than 200 people, residency programs placing 22 artists in rural villages, selected from 400 applicants, and invited international artists such as Can Altay, Wochenklausur, Agency, Patricia Esquivias o Mario Garcia Torres,  several exhibitions and a book´s collection.  It offers a platform for reflection, exchange and action to artists, farmers, intellectuals, rural development agents, policymakers, curators and art critics.