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Commons Tense: New Media Art From Turkey

"Commons Tense: New Media Art from Turkey" was held in September 15-30, 2012, The Hague, Netherlands.

amberPlatform organized, in collaboration with TodaysArt Festival, an exhibition entitled “Commons Tense” in The Hague between September 15–30, 2012. The exhibition’s conceptual framework was formulated as a sub-theme of amberPlatform’s 2012 theme “Paratactic Commons”. “Commons Tense” brought together works of new media artists from Turkey, all responding to the theme from broad perspectives and interpreting it through their respective technical and artistic approaches. The project was curated by Fatih Aydoğdu and Ekmel Ertan. Through the two workshops and artist presentations organized as co-events, “Commons Tense” aimed to target a larger and diverse audience through a participatory approach. SAHA supported the production of the new works by the artists who were invited to participate in “Commons Tense: New Media Art from Turkey”.

About amberPlatform and BIS

amberPlatform and other “amber” projects are initiated and run by Body Process Arts Association (BIS).

amberPlatform has been organizing Turkey’s first art and technology festival, amberFestival and realizing art and technology projects, artistic and academic activities since 2007. amberPlatform and other “amber” projects are initiated and run by BIS. BIS Body Process Arts Association is an Istanbul-based initiative that aims to explore artistic forms of expression at the conjunction of the body and digital processes. It was founded in 2007 as an association by a team of researchers and artists from various disciplines such as dance, performance, design, social sciences and engineering. The founders of BIS came together in order to create a local discussion and production platform on art and technology in a globalized world transformed by new technologies itself. The concept of body-process refers to the inevitable relation between the modern human body and technological processes and tools. Starting from the observation that new technologies increasingly manage practical and critical aspects of our lives such as communication, health and security, this concept orients itself to think about the fluid boundaries between body and technology and the consequences of their interaction. The concept of body-process arts envisages artistic forms that explore, think, embody and question this complex and multifaceted relationship. BIS’s objective is to establish a permanent center that will focus on the research, production and education in the field of body-process arts in Istanbul. Simultaneously, BIS seeks to create an international network of artists, researchers and technicians with whom it would continue to work and cooperate in a spirit of cooperation and exchange. It thus aims to participate in universal art from a local and regional perspective. BIS prioritizes new openings in the field of body-process arts that are brought on by cultural exchange and cooperation projects that also include artists and initiatives that are not part of the global art circuits. For more information: