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Creative Time Summit

Creative Time Summit was realized in New York between 12–13 October, and broadened its reach from Hong Kong to Chile this year.

The Creative Time Summit is a seminal gathering of artists, curators, critics, and scholars working in the field of social practice art. The 2011 Summit welcomed a sold-out crowd of 1000 people, reached 10.000 people internationally through a Livestream simulcast. This year’s Summit was a more visible and far-reaching worldwide event in two distinctive ways: 1) by extending the 2012 conference from one to two days, Summit was able to focus on Day Two on 15 conversations that were thematic and intimate and open to public; and 2) by nearly doubling the educational and institutional global partnerships from 11 in 2011 to 21 in 2012, Summit broadened its reach and scope, from Hong Kong to Detroit to Chile. Seçil Yersel, co-founder of the Istanbul-based artist collective Oda Project has been invited to this year’s summit, which took place in New york on the 12th and 13th of October. SAHA supported Yersel’s participation in the project by covering the participation fee, travel and accommodation expenses. Yersel  spoke on the topic of “Making,” a section of the Summit examining the cross point of cultural production and political action in filmmaking, visual art, and curatorial practices. To watch Seçil Yersel's presentation:

About Creative Time

New York based Creative Time has produced more than 335 groundbreaking public art projects since 1974.

The New York based nonprofit organization has presented the most innovative art in the public realm since 1974. It has worked with over 2000 artists to produce more than 335 groundbreaking public art projects. Creative Time seeks to convert the power of artists’ ideas into works that inspire social change and stimulate public dialogue on timely issues, while initiating a dynamic conversation among artists, sites, and audiences. Creative Time has worked with world-renowned artists like Paul Ramirez-Jonas, Felix Gonzales-torres, Shirin Neshat, Jeremy Deller, Steve Powers, Vik Muniz, Cai Quo-Qiang, and Marina Abromovic. For further information on Creative Time:

About the Participant

Seçil Yersel is one of the co-founders of Oda Projesi, the Istanbul based artist collective.

Seçil Yersel studied sociology at Mimar Sinan University and earned her master’s degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Marmara University. She co-founded the artist collective entitled Oda Projesi along with Özge Açıkkol and Güneş Savaş. Yersel has participated in several exhibitions such as “Nova Paranoia” (Berlin, Germany, 2008), “Somebody Else’s Problem” (İstanbul, Turkey, 2004), “Along the Gates of the Urban” (Oda Projesi; Berlin, Germany and İstanbul, Turkey, 2004), ve “Where? / Here? Turkish Art Today” (Saitama, Japan, 2003). Oda Projesi
Oda Projesi is an artist collective based in Istanbul. After three years of renting an apartment together, Seçil Yersel, Özge Açıkkol, and Güneş Savaş, turned their collaboration into an art project in 2000. They transformed their apartment into a studio in Galata, a historical urban district in Istanbul with an economically diverse population facing issues of gentrification. Becoming a multi-purpose, non-profit, public art space, the studio quickly became a gathering place for other artists, architects, sociologists, but mainly for the community. The group extended invitations for neighbors and artists to meet and collaborate, and hosted 30 projects up until their eviction in 2005. Now mobile, Oda Projesi continues to engage with the community through public radio, books, postcards, newspapers, and public meetings.