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Deniz Gül

Deniz Gül: 5 Person Bufet Performance

SAHA supported the performance entitled “5 Person Bufet” by Deniz Gül at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.

"5 Person Bufet" was a multi-phase project that started out with a text Deniz Gül wrote to be performed by 5 people; was exhibited at Arter in 2011; and envisioned to be composed to incorporate a musical performance. In the text, Deniz Gül has opened a linguistic memory to the voices and performances of 5 characters embodied in 5 pieces of furniture, using words that she could remember from media, from the streets and from her inner voice. The furniture of the "5 Person Bufet" installation (Vitrine, Closet, Safe, Coffin and a Door turned into a room) was lined up in the exhibition space to welcome the audience, to create a new 'outside' with their own 'inside' for those stepping in through half open doors.

Deniz Gül developed the performative sound piece that five musicians and performers personified the characters. The artist  collaborated closely with the musicians Audrey Chen, Owen Davis, Carol Genetti, Frank Rosaly, and Katherine Young on the current phase of this ongoing project. 

About Deniz Gül

Deniz Gül was born in 1982 in İzmir, Turkey. Gül completed her Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts and Communications at Sabanci University in Istanbul. Her works have been exhibited in institutions including Salzburger Kunstverein, the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Palais des Beaux Arts in Lille, Centre De Cultura Contemporania in Barcelona. In 2011, her first solo exhibition, 5 Person Bufet, was presented at ARTER in Istanbul, and in 2013, she presented B.I.M.A.B.K.R. at Gallery Mana in Istanbul. Gül participated in residencies internationally, including Hyde Park Art Center, Tokyo Wonder Site, KHOJ in Mumbai, India, ORTung in Salzburg, and Platform Garanti in Istanbul. She lives and works in Istanbul.

About the Hyde Park Art Center

The Hyde Park Art Center (HPAC) is a visual arts organization and the oldest alternative exhibition space in the city of Chicago. Founded in 1939, the non-profit organization brings artists and communities together to support creativity at various levels. As an open forum for exploring the artistic processes, the Art Center fosters creativity through making, learning, seeing, and discussing art— under one roof.