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Fahrettin Örenli

Money without Nationality

SAHA supported the production of Fahrettin Örenli’s new works for his solo exhibition at Art Sonje Center held between 4 November–3 December 2017.

The exhibition “Money without Nationality” examines the psychological and physical aspects of cities as living organic structures, perceiving them as control towers for the distribution of mass information. For centuries humans have built their jungles/cities in accordance with their own human nature, growing them into giant living, organic structures. Then to survive or adapt to these environments, humans have gone on to create taller walls, broader rules, bigger illusions, and information pollution on a massive scale.

Fahrettin Örenli delves into issues of money, specifically money as the foremost unit of refined measurement, to see how it influences the building of sustainable knowledge for the future. “Money without Nationality” investigates how humanity has blinkered itself in the process and got lost inside man-made nature, hypnotized by the power of synthetic sunsets placed by their own hands on the horizon, for instance, or by choosing not to recognize certain truths in the name of economic interests.

“Money without Nationality” connects Örenli’s past and current artistic practices through its focus on knowledge in the present and future, and sustainability/disappearance of accumulated knowledge even posterior to the end of our physical existence in the universe. The aim is to explore the impact of socioeconomic and political issues on creating sustainable knowledge for the future, and the ways by which cities are psychologically and physically shaped into complex entities that then assimilate information.

About Fahrettin Örenli

Fahrettin Örenli (1969, Tunceli) studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Rijksakademie Van Beeldende Kunsten. He participated in artist-in-residence programs at the Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul (2006-07); Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen (2004-05) and The International Studio and Curatorial Program, NY (2003). Örenli was awarded the ABN AMRO Art Prize, Amsterdam in 2004 and the Royal Painting Prize, Amsterdam in 2000. His works were shown in several international institutions and exhibitions like Istanbul Modern, Total Contemporary Art Museum (South Korea) and Frieze Art Fair (England). His work is in several collections such as The Vehbi Koç Foundation, ABN-AMRO, De Heus collection, AMC, OCE Technology, Eneco Holding N.V., Erasmus University Rotterdam. Örenli lives in Amsterdam and Istanbul.

About the Art Sonje Center

The Art Sonje Center is a museum dedicated to contemporary art. Since its inception in 1998, it has been their mission to support and exhibit the new and experimental art of our time in innovative ways. They are committed to curating exhibitions and programs based on their active research of and collaborations with pioneering artists working in various fields across the world. In their efforts to support artists and engage a diverse audience, they interweave exhibitions with new productions and educational programs. As one of the leading art institutions in Korea which has developed a global network, they introduce local Korean artists to major museums and publications abroad, and bring foreign art and artists to Korea.

The Art Sonje Center is located in Sogyeok-dong in the old Seoul area, at the intersection of Bukchon Hanok Village, Gyeongbok Palace, and the Insa-dong area. In the intercultural neighborhood where traditional Korean art and architecture coexist with contemporary lifestyle, commerce and tourists from all over the world, the Art Sonje Center continues to build positive bridges between local and global, art and people, and culture and discourses.