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Fatma Bucak, "So as to find the strength to see"

SAHA supported the production of Fatma Bucak’s new works for her solo exhibition “So as to find the strength to see” at Fondazione Merz held between 6 March–20 May 2018.

Fatma Bucak’s works addresses themes such as political and gender identity, censorship, repression, expropriation, migration and state violence, that are of great contemporary pertinence, which the artist develops through installations, performances, photographs, videos and sound environments. The exhibition, featuring site-specific installations, performance, sound, video, sculpture and photographs – many of which have been specially commissioned for the Fondazione Merz – continue the above themes.

Investigating the fragility, tension and irreversibility of history, the power of testimony and memory through a sequence of images, sound and performance, the artist creates a series of environments. These environments become the voice of forgotten stories, unexpressed thoughts of individuals excluded from history, of political and ethnic minorities, and socio-cultural structures in opposition to power.

About Fatma Bucak

Fatma Bucak (Iskenderun) graduated from the Royal College of Art in London with a MA in Photography. Bucak also studied Graphics at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti and Philosophy at the Istanbul University.

Bucak's works bring together performance, video and photography and portray observations from reality as well as constructed fictional and mythological frames. In her works, a certain stance of sexual identity brings various stories that carry truth and political power into a mise en scene. Within this view, issues such as male dominance, religion, cultural displacement, presence and absence are tackled with a clearly pragmatic approach. Fatma Bucak lives and works in London and Istanbul.

About Fondazione Merz

Named after Mario Merz, the Fondazione Merz was established in 2005 as a centre for Contemporary Art with the intent to host exhibitions, events, education-related activities, and to further research and explore art. The foundation alternates shows dedicated to Mario and Marisa Merz, to discover and contemplate their work, with other major site-specific projects by national and international artists, who are invited to interact with the space of the Fondazione and its collections. The Mario Merz Prize is a biennial prize that aims to recognize talents in the fields of contemporary art and music composition.