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Fulya Erdemci & Pelin Tan | The Rural Assembly

The Rural: Contemporary Art and Spaces of Connection

SAHA provides support for Fulya Erdemci and Pelin Tan, who are invited to participate in The Rural Assembly:  Contemporary Art and Spaces of Connection, held between 20-22 June, 2019, organized by Whitechapel Gallery.

The Rural Assembly draws on a series of public programmes and research that developed throughout 2018. It looks at contemporary artists and creative practitioners who are challenging the assumptions made about rural life and culture, providing a new vision of the countryside grounded in everyday experience and a critique of the rural-urban binary. Connecting the local to the global, this conference invites an international and transdisciplinary conversation on art and the rural, with a focus on profiling projects from across the world. This culminating assembly considers how artists respond to the established and imposed divides between the rural and the urban. From re-imagined farming practices and food systems to architecture, community projects and transnational local networks, this three-day assembly brings together artists, curators, and academics to discuss the role of art in a rural context, inviting a critical outlook at our relationships with the rural today.  The programme has been conceived in collaboration with partners the University of Aberystwyth, Istanbul Biennial, Manchester Metropolitan University, Myvillages and Wysing Arts Centre.