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Grant for the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives 2015–2016

SAHA provided support for the operations of Apartman Projesi (Berlin), BAS (İstanbul), m-est (online), Torun (Ankara), and Videoist (Mardin) within the grant program established in order to support the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives.

The grant was initiated in order to facilitate the growth and development of independent non-profit art initiatives, with an emphasis on ongoing public programming and activities.

Apartment Project Berlin
Apartment Project, established in 1999, is one of the pioneers of artist run spaces in Istanbul. Apartment Project was initiated with a focus on interdisciplinary sharing, communal production and creating exhibition opportunities; and over the years, has been an open platform for solo exhibitions of artists from Turkey and abroad, interdisciplinary partnerships, presentations, and panel discussions. Since September 2012, Apartment Project has moved its primary space to Berlin, and has been focusing on communal living and collective production models. 

Since 2006 artist Banu Cennetoğlu has been running the space BAS in Istanbul where artists’ books and publications are collected, displayed and produced. BAS is building a collection of artists’ books by local and international artists. Between 2006 – 2009, BAS published Bent, a series of artists’ books co-edited by Banu Cennetoglu and Philippine Hoegen. After Hoegen moved to Brussels in 2011, they decided to stop the production of the Bent series, though projects that resulted from, or relate to Bent still continue. is an artist-centered online publication. Works by artists, studio visits, and articles based on/related to conversations on visual practices are published on, conceived as a discussion space, not dissimilar to an intimate dinner table. Artists and other cultural practitioners trace issues of concern or curiosity, publicly. The focus on artists from Turkey reiterates a widening network of people, starting with where we are, to explore where we are going to go, limited only by our own interests. was founded in March 2011.

Torun was born out of the necessity for a space for sharing and exhibiting art in Küçükesat, Ankara. It is self-sustained through the support of its likeminded community, and aims to provide the gallery space to the artist in its entirety. Proposing an alternative to mainstream art institutions, Torun aspires to work in collaboration with artists in organizing parallel events seeking to create a cross-discipline platform that encourages discussion and critical thinking. 

Videoist is an independent video art intiative founded by artists, Hülya Özdemir and Ferhat Satıcı in 2003. Videoist was established from the need and belief of motivating and supporting the video artists in their endevaour of expressing their ideas through the extensive and practical possibilities of video language. Videoist aims to accumulate documentation and collection of video art and signifies independent video artworks which present criticism, alternative concepts and visual language to industrial, popular, commercial video productions. Since March 2014, Videoist has been working on projects in Mardin.

SAHA Open Call (Application Deadline: Passed)

Application Documents
- Letter of intent (600 word max.),
- Short summary/pitch abstract on the mission and vision of the Independent Art Initiative (600 word max.), 
- Short summary/pitch abstract on the recent activities of the Independent Art Initiative (covering with a maximum of 2 years’ activities),
 - 2 images of the venue and 6 images related to the activities of the Initiative,
- The foreseen annual activity report and calender (2015–2016),
- An estimated budget, and the list of sponsors/supporters of the organization (if any).

Application Criteria
- Non-profit and independent initiatives with a permanent space circulating regular public programmes are eligible to apply.

Deadline for Application: 26 December 2014 Friday, 17:00

Please send your application via e-mail to and attach all related documents  in Word, Excel or PDF format.