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Grant for the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives 2016–2017

SAHA has provided support for the operations of Corridor Project Space, MARS, Orta Format, Space Debris, and TOZ Artist Run Space within the grant program established in order to support the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives.

The grant was initiated in order to facilitate the growth and development of independent non-profit art initiatives with an emphasis on ongoing public programming and activities.

Corridor Project Space
Corridor Project Space is an initiative in Amsterdam with its own exhibition space situated both in project space and public space. It initiates projects where artists, writers, curators, activists, and theorists can meet, think and work on a project together with the aim to blend practices within the exhibitions. Since 2010, Corridor Project Space, formerly known as De Kikjdoos Public Space, has served as a cultural cabinet to engage in collaborative cultural production and artistic research of any kind. 

MARS was initially established in 2000 by Pınar Öğrenci as an architectural research and restoration office, and transitioned in 2010 to the MARSIstanbul, an artist initiative that serves as a hub for artists from Turkey and abroad to develop exhibition projects. The aim to be a “space for art” was born with the first event hosted by MARS, the spring exhibition of artist Erim Bayri.  MARS aims to contribute to Istanbul’s art scene by sharing its space through inviting artists, art critics, curators and art audiences.  

Orta Format
Orta Format is an online magazine publishing interviews, articles and projects on contemporary photography. It is a non-profit and an independent journal edited by Tevfik Çağrı Dural, Şener Soysal, and İpek Çınar. Orta Format is the result of a collective effort and its content forms around research relating to photography-art which is the foundation of its editors’ working practices. The magazine is open to research and contribution while aiming to be straight-forward and understandable by providing a refined interface unlike other familiar internet applications.

Space Debris
Space Debris is a multi-purpose art space founded by Seyhan Musaoğlu. As a hub space for innovative dialogue with a collective soul, the aim is to gain recognition for interactive new media works and interdisciplinary subjects that challenge traditional boundaries. Space Debris is a place for all artists and art lovers to experience the constructs of fluxus happenings. The space builds all-encompassing experiences, visually and aurally, creating an ambiance that visitors can enter and interact with.

TOZ / Artist Run Space
TOZ is a non-profit, artist-run art space initiated in 2015 by artists Ece Eldek, Elvan Ekren, Sinem Dişli, and Volkan Kızıltunç, after transforming their studio located in Kadıköy, Istanbul. TOZ provides a collaborative, process-based, informal platform promoting dialogue and exchange through workshops, events, screenings, exhibitions and spatial experiments in the fields of photography and video, particularly on time-based artistic practices, beyond the confines of commerical concerns or limitations.

SAHA Open Call (Application Closed)

Application Documents*:
- Letter of intent (600 word max.), 
- Short summary/pitch abstract on the mission and vision of the Independent Art Initiative (600 word max.),
- Short summary/pitch abstract on the recent activities of the Independent Art Initiative (covering the activities of a maximum of two years),
- 2 images of the venue and 6 images related to the activities of the Initiative,
- The foreseen annual activity report and calender (2016–2017),
- A forecast of the annual budget, and a list of sponsors/supporters of the organization (if any),
- Biography of founder/s of the Independent Art Initiative,
- Contact information.

Independent Art Initiatives that have previously received this grant and wish to apply again are requested to kindly contact SAHA in order to obtain further documentation.

Application criteria:
- Non-profit and independent initiatives with a permanent space that run regular public programmes are eligible to apply. Deadline for Applications: 26 August 2016 Friday, 17.00
Announcement of the results: 30 September 2016

Please send your application via e-mail to and attach all related documents in Word, Excel or PDF format (documents should not exceed 7 MB in total).