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Grant for the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives 2018–2019

Grant for the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives 2018–2019

SAHA provides support for the operations of Avto, Hayy, Loading, Noks, Performistanbul, Sub ve Torun within the grant program established in order to support the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives.

The grant was initiated in order to facilitate the growth and development of independent non-profit art initiatives with an emphasis on ongoing public programming and activities.

AVTO: Founded in 2017 in Beyoğlu, AVTO seeks to promote experimental methods, scientific understanding and objective thinking within artistic practice and research-based projects on current and critical issues. AVTO operates to inquire, to research and to (un)learn together rather than to function as a conventional exhibition space.

Hayy Open Space: Hayy Open Space is an independent nonprofit art space in the Piyaleoğlu Inn in Kemeraltı İzmir. Taking contemporary art as its main focus, Hayy organizes exhibitions, performances, workshops,talks and readings concentrating on a practice of collective thinking and creating within different disciplines. Aiming to create a space for creation, not consumption and for listening and experiencing rather than lecturing. Hayy Open Space is undisciplined space, open to all disciplines that touch upon art and sharing.

Loading: Loading is a nonprofit art space that aims to enrich contemporary art dialogue in Diyarbakir and foster links between the region and the international art world. Loading seeks to inspire and provide theoretical tools for artists in the region by its interactive programme composed of talks and workshops, as well as resources such as its art book library and archive. Run by artists Erkan Özgen, Cengiz Tekin and Şener Özmen, Loading was founded in 2017 out of the wish to provide a space to connect with and mentor young artists. Loading has since evolved into a platform that breeds new perspectives to the ways not only artists, but also locals of other professions situate art making.

NOKS: NOKS is a work, production and exhibition space located in Yeldegirmeni, Kadikoy. The collective, which is centered on photography, video art and artist books, offers an informal platform through spatial experiments. It aims to create a structure in which intercultural collaborations and interdisciplinary interaction are prioritized. In addition to exhibitions, talks and workshops, it carries out long-term cultural projects. NOKS was founded in 2017 by Elvan Ekren and Volkan Kızıltunç.

Performistanbul: International Performance Art Platform Performistanbul was founded by Simge Burhanoğlu in January 2016, with the mission to bring international artists and institutions, and to promote performance art. Performistanbul act as a medium to connect art institutions with performance artists while creating site specific performances. The platform laid the foundations of Performistanbul Live Art Research Space (PLARS) in 2018, aiming to have a specialized library with more than 7000 physical and digital resources focused on archiving, documenting and exhibiting live art.

sub: Founded in April 2017 in Çanakkale, the intercultural structure, studio, residence and exhibition space sub, proposes a communication based collaboration with researchers, writers, photographers and curators who want to interact with the audience and seek to explore new channels in the social circulation of art. sub aims to remain as an alternative and safe space where especially young people can find inspiration and motivation to creatively and freely reflect on the contemporary issues that surround themselves.

Torun: Torun explores, applies and implements alternative models through channels that make sharing art possible. Free from the obstacles of the market economy and current political barriers, it seeks to maintain a structure where art, artist and the audience are the primary focus, without any self-serving institutional or economic expectancies.  Moving to their new space in October 2018, Torun aims to reach out to a broader audience in Ankara through their programs.

Open Call for Grant for the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives 2018–2019  (Application Deadline: Passed) Application Documents:
- Letter of intent (600 word max.), 
- The foreseen annual activity report and calendar for December 2018—December 2019,
- A forecast of the annual budget, and a list of sponsors/supporters of the organization (if any),
- Short summary/pitch abstract on the mission and vision of the independent art initiative (600 word max.),
- Short summary/pitch abstract on the recent activities of the independent art initiative (2017—2018),
- 2 images of the venue and 6 images related to the activities of the initiative,
- Biography of founder/s and the team of the independent art initiative,
- Contact information; telephone, address, email, website and/or blog.

Application criteria:
- The initiative must be a non-profit, non-commercial and independent organization,
- The initiative must have a permanent space of media,
- The initiative must run regular public and free programmes.

Deadline for Applications: 2 November 2018 Friday, 17.00
Announcement of the results: 3 December 2018
Please send your application via e-mail to and attach all related documents in PDF format as a file (documents should not exceed 7 MB in total).