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Grant for the Sustainability of the Independent Art Initiatives 2014–2015

Independent initiatives are critical to providing quality and publicly accessible programming, fostering the careers of curators and emerging artists and contributing to art production development. SAHA is offering a limited number of grants to non-profit Independent Art Initiatives in Turkey concentrating on their sustainability.

SAHA has granted 15.000 TRY for the realization of programs, projects and publications of three independent artist run spaces within the scope of the project. The aim of the project is to ensure the continuation and growth of the independent non-profit art initiatives and to encourage their operations.

SAHA has provided support for the operations of 5533 (Istanbul), Pasaj (Istanbul), and Torun (Ankara).

5533 is a contemporary art space based in Istanbul. Founded by artists Nancy Atakan and Volkan Aslan, 5533 aims to create a platform where artists exchange ideas. Located in the Istanbul Textile Traders Market (İMÇ) in Unkapanı neighborhood, the space—formerly a shop—hosts workshops, screening, exhibitions, and performances on a sporadic basis. Each year 5533 invites a curator to work with the founders on a 12-month program—emphasizing two premises: collaborating with other artists/curators and operating without long-term plans.

PASAJ is an artist initiative. It tries to create an alternative multi-functional location in center of Istanbul. It gives opportunities to the artists and any artistic and creative attempt to share it with the public and its audiences. It hosts innovative and alternative contemporary art projects which  are mainly short term (1 day to 3 weeks). It is an area where artist and artist groups can create, show, share their work with audiences and participants.

Torun was born out of the necessity of a space for sharing/exhibiting art in Küçükesat, Ankara. It is self-sustained through the support of its likeminded community, and aims to give its two-floored space completely to the artist, in the interest of discovering how they might work in isolation from conventional contemporary art relationships. By organizing parallel events that work in collaboration with the artists, Torun seeks to create a platform where discussion and talks can take place.

SAHA Open Call

The applications are considered eligible with the following:  - A brief description (max. 5 pages) and visuals of the initiative and initiatives' activities,
- Annual activity report and the foreseen calender (September 2013 – September 2014),
- A forecast of the activities mapped on an annual budget, and the list of sponsors/supporters of the organization (if any),
- The projects should meet the criteria of being visible in the international platform,
- This category is open to non-profit and independent initiatives only.

Deadline for Application: 16 August 2013 Friday

Proposals may be submitted by e-mail. Please send your application to and attach all materials as Word documents, Excel or PDF format.