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With Their Hearts, People Walk

SAHA provides support for GuGuOu’s project, “With Their Hearts, People Walk”, taking place at Corridor Project Space between March 31 – April 20, 2019. For Corridor Project Space in Amsterdam, GuGuOu will be performing With Their Hearts, People Walk, a two legged event. In the first part, the artists will be collaborating with local participants to create various banners, which will then be transported to the exhibition space as part of the stage decoration. However, rather than focusing purely on the end-result, their aim is to integrate the potential energies that arise during the process and give emphasis to the outcome of this process. The second part of the project is a twenty-minute music performance that will feature the participation of local musicians. After the performance, the stage set will stay as it is for two weeks and serve as a backdrop for gigs by local musicians wishing to use it. All in all, the music performances and collaborative situations that are constructed by GuGuOu respond to the need to enliven art spaces with energy and connection both in Istanbul and elsewhere.

About GuGuOu

GuGuOu (Güneş Terkol, Güçlü Öztekin, and Oğuz Erdin) is a collective based in Istanbul. They work with installation and music, books, video and performance. Each artist works also independently with fabric, painting and installation. They had been making music together for more than 13 years and they exhibited and performed in places such as MAXXI Rome, Istanbul Biennale and District Berlin.

About Corridor Project Space

Corridor Project Space is a both public and private initiative that seeks to function as a cultural cabin, covering all kinds of artistic research and cultural production, as well as bringing together collaborators by opening up a space for new interactions. Also known as De Kijkdoos Public Space, it develops projects that feature international young and emerging artists.