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Halil Altındere, Özge Topçu

Halil Altındere and Özge Topçu are invited to participate at Art Night 2018, curated by Ralph Rugoff and the Hayward Gallery. SAHA supported the production of the works by the artists.

Halil Altındere’s “Space Refugee” consists of over twenty works that are centered on Aleppian astronaut Muhammed Ahmed Faris, who has spent seven days in outer space in 1987 and settled in Istanbul as a refugee in 2012. "Space Refugee" takes place at the The British Interplanetary Society, which is the oldest space advocacy organisation in the world. The work envisions Mars as a utopia without tyranny and injustice, somewhere that could belong to anyone for it belongs to no one. It provides an alternative shelter to the refugees, and the work presents various experiments regarding life on Mars.

“Agora” is a participatory site-specific installation project led by Özge Topçu. It is inspired by the idea of the marketplace - arguably one of the most organic urban landscapes in history. Historically these markets were often the epicenter of the locality and central to creating community cohesion and belonging for the local population who used them. For this project, the artist will lead a series of workshops with local residents in the area around the street of Lambeth Walk. This famous street in London developed around a marketplace which existed from 1860 until the 1990s. 

About the Artists

Halil Altındere (1971, Mardin) explores political, social and cultural codes, and focuses largely depicting marginalization and resistance to oppressive systems. Altındere has been a central figure in the Turkish contemporary art world since the mid-1990s, not only as an artist but also as the publisher of art-ist Magazine and as a prominent curator. The artist who reversed the conceptions of nation-state and authority through works on everyday objects like identity cards, banknotes, stamps in his early productions, started to focus on subcultures, gender and odd-but-ordinary situations of everyday life after the 2000s. His ironic and political approach can grasp the audience easily. His works have been included in exhibitions at documenta, Manifesta, and the biennials in Istanbul, Gwangju, Sharjah and São Paulo, as well as at MoMA/PS1, New York.

Özge Topçu (1987, Kırklareli), graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Art and Design Faculty, Combined Arts Program and continues her education at Marmara University, Painting Department. She joined a travelling art book exhibition “House of Wisdom” in Berlin and published the art book, “Alteration Museum” (2017). She made her solo exhibition “Alteration Depression” in 2014. And in 2015 she took part in an interactive project called “Locality and Global Discourses” with California University School of Art. She realized her duo exhibition with Deniz Aktaş in Pilot Gallery in 2016 and joined several group exhibitions in Kuad Gallery and Pg Art Gallery.

About Art Night

Art Night is London’s largest free contemporary arts festival. Each year the festival partners with a leading cultural institution and curator, focusing on a different area of London to explore its distinctive identity, culture and architecture through various forms of art.