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Hasan Özgür Top, "The Fall of a Hero"

"The Fall of a Hero"

SAHA provides support for Hasan Özgür Top’s new project at in Berlin for “A Few In Many Places,” a group show which consists of five artist interventions in five cities, hyper-localized and globally interconnected, presented by Protocinema, held on 26 September – 28 November 2020. Abbas Akhavan in Montreal; Burak Delier in Istanbul; Michelle Lopez in Philadelphia; Stéphanie Saadé in Beirut; and Hasan Özgür Top in Berlin; each address inherited cycles of violence, the breaking of these cycles and rebuilding of ideally healthier systems.

“A Few In Many Places” commissioned works are interventions in a local shop or empty space in the artists’ neighborhoods that will be open in or out of quarantine, using low material consumption, without flights or shipping. All of these works are linked by ProtoZine, with texts rolling out over the run of the show by: Fawz Fabra, Adam Kleinman, Asli Seven, and Abhijan Toto. Hasan Özgür Top focuses on the propaganda materials of the Islamic State and examines the similarities between the narratives of radical and totalitarian movements. His video, on view in BulBul, Berlin, a Kreuzberg café-bar, The Fall of a Hero, 2020, is made with both found and DIY footage in which he constructs a fictional yet self-reflective work, tracing routes of masculine mythologies from the classical era to today.