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Hussein Chalayan

Hussein Chalayan is invited to the seventh edition of the Moscow Biennale (18 September 2017–18 January 2018) curated by Yuko Hasegawa. SAHA supported the participation of the artist.

The installation “Inertia” constitutes a unified whole of three sculptures. Hussein Chalayan  tries to catch a human's evanescent motion and depict a sophisticated technology of creating a new dress. In all of Chalayan’s works the audience seems to take a symbolic journey through the cultural boundaries bringing the heritage from Asia to Europe. Sometimes his collections look very traditional and sometimes, on the contrary, very contemporary and even futuristic. This artwork “Inertia” could be seen as how one thing transforms into another.

About Hussein Chalayan

The artist and fashion designer Hussein Chalayan (1970, Nicosia-Cyprus) can be described as a cross-border interpreter of cultural and historical climates. The video installments of Chalayan can be categorized as spiritual and intellectual rituals in which his designs set themselves adrift in their own time, space, and stories.

Some of Chalayan’s selected solo exhibitions are as follows: Arts Décoratifs, Paris (2011);  Istanbul Modern, Istanbul (2010); Contemporary Art Museum, Tokyo (2010); Design Museum, London (2009); The Groninger Museum, Groningen (2005); Institute of Contemporary Arts, London (2003); V&A Museum London (2001);  7th Istanbul Biennale (2001); Tate Modern, (2001).