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Lara Ögel

Come Back! All Is Forgiven

SAHA supported the production of the new works by Lara Ögel for the solo exhibition organized by Protocinema, held between 8 November–4 December 2016 in Paris. The exhibition titled “Come Back! All Is Forgiven” includes a newly commissioned installation, sculpture, and video co-curated by Mary Rinebold Copeland. It reflects on matriarchy, and the current role of doubt, fear and uncertainty in our societies.

“Come Back! All is Forgiven” (2016) is a new video comprised of found imagery centered around the theme of running away, related to the fight or flight impulse to survive when one is seemingly out of options. Lara Ögel’s installation, “Baba-Anne, babanne” (2016), is an installation constructed from the joined elements of a window from the artists late grandmothers home in İzmir, as well as doors and fixtures from France. In Turkish, the word for grandmother ‘babaanne’ – is translated literally to father-mother – embodying both genders.  Ögel questions how to escape what is essentially a part of you and uses the dissonance of this now dismantled place by attempting to keep her memories bred there alive. Addressing matriarchal stability, this work emphasizes the domestic as both intimate, and as the foundation for larger social systems. Here, Ögel suffuses shifting conceptions of house/home, and of displacement and migration. Juxtaposed, stands “Baba” (2016), a new column sculpture made with discarded "poteau" found in Istanbul. In Turkey, the “baba” is the name for this civic object, and also the word for “father”. Within municipality structure, baba serve to limit and direct pedestrian traffic on sidewalks; while the column-like shape, name, and function indicate the deeply patriarchal underpinnings of the societies that produce them.

About Lara Ögel

Lara Ögel (1987, Izmir) holds a bachelor degree in Screen Studies/Film from Clark University, Worcester, MA and has completed the Intensive Foundation program at the Slade School of Fine Art in London, UK. Selected solo exhibitions include; One Wall One Pedestal, Contemporary Istanbul (2014); The Happy Average, Öktem & Aykut, Istanbul (2014); 1+1=3, Un-Known, Istanbul (2013). Selected group exhibitions include; Past, in Each of its Moments, be Citable, DEPO, Istanbul (2016), Beirut Art Residency Open Studios, Beirut, Lebanon (2016); So Close From Far, Bilgi University CSM, Istanbul (2015), The Moving Museum Istanbul (2014) and a two person show with Can Boyan in Karaköy Külah, Istanbul (2014). Her work is featured in publications; The Age of Earthquakes: A Guide to Extreme Present by Douglas Coupland, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Shumon Basar, 2015 and South by Southeast, edited by Osage Art Foundation, Hong Kong, 2016. She lives and works in Istanbul.

About the Protocinema

Protocinema is a mission driven, art organization realizing site-aware exhibitions around the world (based in Istanbul and New York). The organization is itinerant and free of 'brick and mortar'. Collaborations, interventions and exhibitions are presented in spaces specific to each artist, while being responsive to context. Protocinema exhibits artists in cities where their work has yet to have been exhibited extensively. Protocinema was founded in 2011 by Mari Spirito.