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Mehtap Baydu

SAHA supported the production of the new work by Mehtap Baydu for the exhibition “Kiss. From Rodin to Bob Dylan” at the Bröhan-Museum in Berlin, held between 15 June–3 October 2017.

The exhibition “Kiss. From Rodin to Bob Dylan” begins with art from the late 19th century and traces the motif until the present day. It explores the complex meaning of art and reveals a broad panorama of kisses in various genres: besides painting, graphic design, sculpture, and applied art, there are also examples from photography, film, video art, installation, performance, medical history, and advertising, featuring works by artists such as Auguste Rodin, Franz von Stuck, Edvard Munch, Peter Behrens, Juergen Teller, Timm Ulrichs, Marina Abramović, Cornelia Schleime, and Bob Dylan.

In "Die Lippen der schönen Damen / Dilber Dudağı" Mehtap Baydu combines Turkish and Western European traditions. Since Ottoman times, delicious meals have been associated with the beauty and sensuality of the female body. The artist’s protest against the rigid moral constrictions in present-day Turkey is transformed into a sensuous culinary experience. For producing the gilded spoons Baydu took imprints from the lips of six women with different national and cultural backgrounds. The “Dilber Dudağı” are presented to the visitors as a precious and somehow intimate gift.

About Mehtap Baydu

Mehtap Baydu (1972, Bingöl), graduated in 2000 from the Department of Sculpture of the Hacettepe University. She continued her postgraduate studies at the Kassel Fine Arts University; graduating from the atelier of Professor Dorothee von Windheim. She was conferred the title of master student (Meisterschulerin), the UPK-Kunstpreis Kassel arts prize, as well as the Otto Braun scholarship in 2010.The artist continues to work in Berlin and in Kassel. Her works were lately on display at the Art Museum Fridericium, Documenta-Halle Kassel and at the Berlin Tanas Gallery’s show “Turkish Art: New and Superb”. Her first solo show was held last year at the BERLIN ART PROJECTS. In 2015 Mehtap Baydu was invited to display her paper sculptures at the Beijing Biennial.

About Bröhan-Museum

The Bröhan Museum is an internationally renowned museum specializing in Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Functionalism (1889–1939). The museum bears the name of its founder, Karl H. Bröhan (1921–2000), who gifted his extensive private collection to Berlin on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

The collection is divided into the main areas of decorative arts and painting. The objects are presented as “room ensembles” where select works made of glass, ceramics, porcelain, silver and metal are combined with furniture, rugs, lamps, prints and paintings. The rooms illustrate the development from Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) – as a precursor of modernism – to Art Deco and Functionalism. The museum’s porcelain collection is also extraordinarily rich and includes works from manufacturers in Berlin, Copenhagen, Meißen, Nymphenburg, Sèvres and Rörstrand.

Paintings of the Berlin Secession by Karl Hagemeister, Willy Jaeckel and Walter Leistikow are also part of the museum’s collection. The permanent exhibitions are rounded out by special exhibitions – mostly in cooperation with international institutions – as well as cultural and scientific events.