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SAHA Studio

A new space for artists: SAHA Studio

SAHA – Supporting Contemporary Art from Turkey, has inaugurated a new space in Istanbul to expand its mission and launch a studio program for local artists and international curators. SAHA Studio provides emerging to mid-career artists from Turkey with a studio and a coworking space for a period of six months, curatorial support, honorarium and a stipend for living expenses, research and production. SAHA Studio’s program includes regular studio visits by art critics, conversations with artists and academics, collection and exhibition tours with curators, study trips abroad with the SAHA team, and tailormade sessions for professional development and networking.

The initial program of SAHA Studio is held between August 2019 and February 2020 with the participation of four artists: Larissa Araz (1990) from Istanbul, Alper Aydın (1989) from Ordu, Özgür Demirci (1982) from Izmir andSibel Horada (1980) from Istanbul. SAHA Studio will host an open studio and a panel discussion to share their research and production with the public by the end of February. For the nomination and selection of artists in 2019–2020, SAHA’s board invited educator and curator Vasıf Kortun, artist Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, and the founding director of SAHA Studio and curator Çelenk Bafra, who also approached five independent art initiatives to nominate artists from different regions of Turkey: Torun in Ankara, sub in Çanakkale, Loading in Diyarbakır,Hayy and Karantina in Izmir.

SAHA Studio also hosts international curators and researchers within the scope of SAHA’s curatorial program. The curatorial program provides accommodation, coworking space, assistance for research and a stipend to invited curators. First guest of SAHA Studio is Alesha Mercado, who will come from Mexico in October to make a research on art and sustainable development in Turkey. In the meantime, SAHA Studio’s new partnership with the De Appel Curatorial Programmesupports local curator Naz Kocadere’s ten-month research between Amsterdam and Istanbul. SAHA’s ongoing partnerships with international institutions such as Ashkal Alwanin Beirut, Delfina Foundationin London, Rijksakademiein Amsterdam, ISCPin New York, Independent Curators Internationaland AICAwill also contribute in the SAHA Studio’s programs in the future.   

SAHA Studio is made possible by the support of more than 100 members of the SAHA Association and corporate supporters Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceuticals, Borusan Holding, Eczacıbaşı Holding, Garanti BBVA, Karadeniz Holding and Petrol Ofisi together with in-kind contributions or donations by As Teknolojik İnşaat, TEPTA Lighting, VitrA&Intema, Füsun Eczacıbaşı, Polisan Kansai Paint, Nurus, Nesrin Esirtgen, Zeynep Tümertekin, IKEA, MGS, Muattar Saydam, BEK and A&B.