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Sefer Memişoğlu

The Eye’s Ray

SAHA supported the production of Sefer Memişoğlu’s new work for his solo exhibition at Bradwolff Projects held between 19 November–17 December 2017.

A poetic and philosophical approach to an omnipresent phenomenon is central to Sefer Memişoğlu solo exhibition at Bradwolff Projects, Amsterdam. The title of the exhibition is derived from the essay of the same name by Italo Calvino; “The Eye’s Ray”, in which the Italian writer and journalist describes the eye as the basis of the human brain and therefore of human thinking and acting. Calvino goes back to the origin of scientific thinking about the eye, which is remarkably inventive. Early scientists claimed that the act of seeing was performed by luminous arrows coming from the brain; they described light as a spiritual force that actively illuminated the outside world.

Using these and other possible interpretations as a starting point, Memişoğlu presents an overview of his work. The works in “The Eye’s Ray” hark back to these great stories, but at the same time create a new visual language. In a variety of disciplines, including video, drawing and sculpture, light returns as a leading theme. The objects appear as expressive and mysterious fragments from an unknown story. 

About Sefer Memişoğlu

Sefer Memişoğlu (1977, Istanbul) works on aesthetics of photography, sound, film and drawings. Memişoğlu’s art practice is received as an attitude of personal experience that has been shaped through working with various media, which are interrelated with each other. The ‘time’ and process of his production is defined by the means of expression and relational imagery at stake. The imagination functions as a tool of speech act that has been influenced by that very practice of production. Hence, the image that gets embodied as an object, describes a knowledge-object that desires to communicate through information sourcing from complex concepts. Instead of contextualizing direct speech on politics, Memişoğlu’s practice -keeping the question of through applying which rules does art as a phenomenon become political, in mind- to attain to be ‘as itself within itself’ aims to point out the fourth dimension of reality, which does not have a visuality. 

About the Bradwolff Projects

Bradwolff Projects Foundation was established by Christine van den Bergh in 2011, as an experimental platform for contemporary art. Contemporary art projects are developed and implemented together with artists, guest curators and in close collaboration with art and research institutes. The emphasis is on providing in-depth understanding through a platform focusing on the exchange of information, space for research and experimentation. Bradwolff also offers a distinctive public outreach program, including artist talks, art dinners, lectures or music events. Since 2014, Bradwolff Projects has had its own exhibition space, the attractive domed room of the surgery building in the former Burger Hospital in Amsterdam East.