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Sena Başöz

SAHA supported the production of the new work by Sena Başöz for the exhibition organized by Experimental Field at S.Y.P. Art Space in Tokyo.

In 2009, Sena Başöz did a series of performances about a nurse who did not know what to do with herself. For two weeks she was in disguise of an 80s nurse, who is both a personal admiration as well as part of her personal history. She took pulses of strangers in Times Square. She had been thinking on how nurses’ caregiving and selfless attitude is associated with women among the society as an idealised gender role. During that period, the relationship of Art and Healing became important to the artist. She realized that bandages are collages applied to the wound, that surgery injures first for the sake of healing, and that healing requires privacy. Her video work Doctoring, consisting of a series of operated photographs, emerged as a result of this period. Başöz thinks of the creature in human nature as the only link that ties us not only to each other but also to nature: This is our only dependable side. The wound requires dressing, but in reality it can also heal by itself in time. A nurse wishing to transform the world knows this well.

For Experimentierfeld Tokyo, Sena Başöz performed in her alterego 'the nurse'. Through a device she built that looks like a giant eraser, she researches the possibilities of adaptation to a new environment, reflecting on her anxiety about having to migrate.

Artists: Sena Başöz; Margit Greinöcker; Katharina Gruzei; Satoshi Hashimoto; Chris Hunter;  joechlTRAGSEILER; Eginhartz Kanter; Nito Kento; Rainer Noebauer; Simona Obholzer; Picknicks: Midori Mitamura, Natsumi Sakamoto, Momoko Ishihara; Haruko Sasakawa; Sonny Square; Kenji Yamada; and Shotaro Yoshino.

About Sena Başöz

Sena Başöz (1980, Izmir) is a visual/performance artist and a filmmaker. Başöz lives and works in Istanbul. She received her MFA in Film/Video at Bard College in 2010 and her BA in Economics from Boğaziçi University in 2002. She is a PHD candidate in Art History at Istanbul Technical University. Her work has been exhibited at venues such as DEPO, Siemens Sanat, Badgast, LAXART. Her films were screened at various film festivals including Crossing Europe, Cannes, Gran Paradiso (Winner of Progetto Natura Award) and Documentarist. She performed at festivals such as Frischzelle and UnStumm. In 2010, she was a resident artist at Atelierhaus Salzamt, Austria. She is a lecturer of Contemporary Art at Boğaziçi University.

About Experimental Field

“Experimentierfeld” is an art initiative founded by artists in 2011. It creates group projects through short term artist-in-residencies in different places. The focus of the project lies on the realisation of new, site-specific works and the possibility to present them in the form of an exhibition. The targets are the support of exchange between participants of the different countries or cities and the networking with the local art and cultural scene. The project series “Experimentierfeld” is not only an important impulse for the promotion of art work, it also shows the potential of the cultural creators to a broad public. So far, Experimentierfeld has taken place in Amsterdam, Augsburg, Innsbruck, Aarau and Linz in the years 2011–2016.