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Serkan Taycan

Scenario I, Cat in Box

SAHA supported the production of Serkan Taycan’s new work for the exhibition “Scenario I, Cat in Box” at Corridor Project Space, held between 28 May–24 June 2016.

“A Particular Scenario” is a three-series exhibition in which artists from Turkey and the Netherlands collaborate with a writer.  “A Particular Scenario” focuses on storytelling as a practice of contemporary art and each exhibition explores a different theme, respectively land, water and wind. The project intends to create a personal, aesthetic and political connection between the cities of Amsterdam and Istanbul.

Christine Bax writes continuous prose that thread and mesh the three exhibitions together. Her text illuminates the extent to which not only the artists, but the viewers too are far more interconnected than initially may have been evident. This text will be published towards the end of September, as the project comes to a close, both in English and Turkish in the book “A Particular Scenario”, along with the research materials and pictures of the exhibition.

In the first exhibition of "A Particular Scenario", Serkan Taycan shares a part of his walking route archive in a new installation. "Between Two Seas" is both an artistic and activist project and was first presented at the 13th Istanbul Biennial in 2013. The four day walking route which takes place on the West side of Istanbul, between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, allows one to experience on foot the concerning and threatening transformation of the city. Since 2013, participating individuals and groups have covered a 60 km trail over a four day hike. "Between Two Seas" is both a proposal and an invitation; it is an action that consecrates the rhythm of walking, which opens the soul to perceive the world. This action is perhaps the most auspicious project that will open a passage between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea.

About Serkan Taycan

After his studies of engineering, Serkan Taycan (1978, Gaziantep) completed a master-class on documentary photography at Nordens Fotoskola, Sweden. He completed his MFA degree in Visual Arts at Sabancı University (Istanbul) and in Photography at Aalto University (Helsinki).

In his artistic practice, he focuses on the transformation of urban and rural spaces, and the physical, social and ecological impact of this transformation, diverse imaginations and projections regarding the future and conditions of humanity as part of these processes. He works primarily with photography and maps, also engages with walking.

His work has been exhibited in various biennials and venues, among which: Venice Architectural Biennial, Istanbul Biennial, Helsinki Photography Biennial,  Sinop Biennial and Thessaloniki Photography Biennale as well as MAXXI, SALT, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, St.Petersburg Russian National Centre of Photography, Malmö Museum and Photographic Center Northwest Seattle.

He has been resident at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris in 2015. Taycan is a member of RecCollective. He lives and works in Istanbul.

About DE KIJKDOOS and Corridor Project Space

Since 2010, DE KIJKDOOS Public Space has served as a cultural cabinet to engage in collaborative cultural production and artistic research of any kind. The space exposed imaginative, absurd and intelligent ideas to a broad public. After 5 years of experience, DE KIJKDOOS gained the opportunity to extend its activities within the Wilhelmina Pakhuis to create a new space where cultural narratives, history and collective memory are shared with the public in a dialogue between contemporary art from Turkey and the Netherlands.