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Sinopale 5

Clusters and Crystals: Observing at Point Zero

The 5th edition of Sinopale–International Sinop Biennial under the common title “Clusters and Crystals: Observing at Point Zero” takes place in Sinop from 12 July to 31 August 2014. SAHA provided support for the production of the works by the artists.

Sinopale blooms in this Biennial summer to bring together art practices in sharing, commonality, difference and knowledge as a space of aesthetic, social and political practices, as well as non-knowledge, which can be seen as the other direction of the same process, which is lived and learning experience of the knowledge of a specific place. Such presentist value is common to art and history, which are both spatial and non-linearly organized.

This edition of Sinopale is entirely dedicated to taking care of minor forms of learning, to supporting alternative community education and providing equal access to art and knowledge produced on site. With this they hope to increase the awareness of the present, in favor of a social development respectful of and inspired by ecologies, which can draw on and re-evaluate that knowledge that has been marginalized, excluded, and forgotten, and recycle wasted materials to give them new life and functions.

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Curators and Artists

T. Melih Görgün, Dimitrina Sevova, Emre Zeytinoğlu, Aslı Çetinkaya, Işın Önol, Elke Falat.

Nezaket Ekici (Germany-Turkey), Ona B. (Austria), Yann Pocreau (Canada), Olivier Hölzl (Austria), Evrim Kavcar (Turkey), Serkan Taycan (Turkey),  m-a-u-s-e-r (Aslı Serbest & Mona Mahal) (Germany-Turkey), Karin Fisslthaler (Austria), Miriam Hamann (Austria), Johanna Reiner – Johannes Hoffman (Austria), Yasemin Özcan (Turkey), Aylin Tekiner (Turkey), Eşref Yıldırım (Turkey), Pınar Öğrenci (Turkey), RELAX (chiarenza&hauser& co) (Switzerland), Franziska Koch (Switzerland), Daniel Marti (Switzerland), Esther Kempf (Switzerland), Teresa Henriques (Portugal), Benjamin Egger (Switzerland), Konstantinos Manolakis (Greece-Switzerland), Garrett Nelson (Switzerland), Romy Rüegger (Switzerland), Yapı-Sanat Kooperatifi (Austria-Turkey-Sinop), Markus Hanakam-Roswitha Schuller (Austria).

About Sinopale

Sinopale, International Sinop Biennial is the title of an international project that, in the context of local development, draws the civil society together with the purpose of building dialogue through culture and arts, within the framework of the “artistic production based on sharing” model.  This project is realised biennially and aims at working at urban, national and international levels in order to make citizens of all ages perceive anew their own living spaces with a vision for the future, reflect on urban problems, share the historical collective memory and organise it by means of artistic production, and to create a better social living space.