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Sinopale 6


The 6th edition of Sinopale–International Sinop Biennial under the common title “Transposition” takes place in Sinop, Turkey, from 19 August to 17 September 2017. SAHA provided support for the production of new works by the participating artists. 

Sinopale 6 revolves around the notion of “Transposition”.  The word “Transposition” carries several meanings, all signifying a shift between values. Playing with the gap in-between, it becomes possible to open room for process and transference, and to open a conceptual space as well as a scope for action and imagination.

Sinopale 6 furthermore taps into dialogues on the history of material and cultural memory in order to create an associative space full of cross-references. Sinopale is a young biennial for contemporary art on the periphery, consisting of a multitude of events of different formats.

As long-term organizer of Sinopale, the European Cultural Association places emphasis on its sustainable micro-political and emancipatory efforts. The organization works in close co-operation with international curators who are responsible for the selection of the artists and the program. It takes a pragmatic, functional and collective approach to the exhibition, events and their thematic and discursive direction in order to generate a format of cross-cultural exchange with the local context.

Curators and Artists

Melih Görgün (Turkey), Nike Bätzner (Germany), Jonatan Habib Engqvist (Sweden).

Anne Baumann (Germany), Sophie Baumgärtner (Germany), Aylin Çakıner (Turkey), Bernhard Cella (Austria), Alvaro Campo (Sweden), Canan Dağdelen (Austria), Ayşe Erkmen (Turkey/ Germany), Cevdet Erek (Turkey), Philippe van Eetvelt (Turkey/Canada), Wilhelm Frederking (Germany), Mürteza Fidan (Turkey), Ulrike Grossarth (Germany), Frank Hagen (Austria), Petrit Halilaj (Kosovo), İpek Hamzaoğlu (Turkey/Austria), Murat Haschu (Russia), Kristina Heinrichs (Germany), Nil İlkbaşaran (Turkey/The Netherlands), Sebastien Koerbs (Germany), Volkan Kızıltunç (Turkey), Maria Lantz (Sweden), leavinghomefunktion: Anne Knoedler, Johannes Foetsch, Elisabeth Oertel, Effy Zeniou, Kaupo Holmberg (Germany/Cyprus/Georgia), Ulrike Mohr (Germany), Nina Naussed (Germany), Jonas Nobel (Sweden), Raluca Popa (Romania), Julian Rosefeldt (Germany), Bella Rune (Sweden), Ginan Seidl & Yalda Afsah (Germany), Esther Suarez Ruiz (Colombia), Youssef Tabti (France/Germany).

About Sinopale, International Sinop Biennial

Sinopale, International Sinop Biennial is the title of an international project, that in the context of local development, draws the civil society together with the purpose of building dialogue through culture and arts, within the framework of the “artistic production based on sharing” model.  The project aims to work on urban, national and international levels in order to urge citizens of all ages to perceive anew their own living spaces with a vision for the future, reflect on urban problems, share historical collective memory and organise it by means of artistic production, and ultimately create a better social living space.