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The 53rd October Salon

The 53rd edition of October Salon was held between September 22-November 4, 2012 in Belgrade.

The 53rd edition of October Salon was held between September 22–November 4, 2012 in Belgrade, Serbia.  Curated by Branislav Dimitrijević and Mika Hannula, the exhibition was located at the building of the former Geodetic Institute and featured works by 25 artists from 10 countries. The venue was built in 1905–1907 as the Belgrade Shareholders’ Association, one of the most beautiful but also one of the most neglected monumental edifices in Belgrade. This inspirational location will be used as a space of ad hoc transformation, where the works will be “implanted” in its present condition and in its existing historical narrative and architectural design. The exhibition entitled “GOOD LIFE / ГУД ЛАЈФ – Physical narratives and spatial imaginations” confronts the changes and challenges of the past 20 years, and running, of course. The exhibition consisted of a collection of site-specific works that “aces the dilemmas of our contemporary lives, the mess we are in, and the hopes we try to hold on to or to re-generate.” SAHA supported the production of the project Ahmet Öğüt realized for the 53rd edition of October Salon. For more information on the 53rd October Salon:

About the Curators

The 53rd edition of October Salon was curated by Branislav Dimitrijević and Mika Hannula.

Top: Branislav Dimitrijević Bottom: Mika Hannula
Branislav Dimitrijević is a curator, writer and lecturer in art history and visual culture based in Belgrade. Mika Hannula is a professor, writer, curator and critic, born in Finland, based in Berlin.  The 53rd edition of October Salon was the result of the collaboration between these two curators known for their previous joint projects (such as the exhibition Situated Self – Confused, Compassionate, Conflictual, in Belgrade and Helsinki in 2005). Joining them for the production of a book on the exhibition were Svebor Midžić, editor, and Andrej Dolinka, visuals.