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Zeynep Dağlı

SAHA provided support for the production of new works by Zeynep Dağlı who is invited to DLECTRICITY, Detroit’s Nighttime Exhibition of Art & Light, held between 22–23 September 2017.

Artist Zeynep Dağlı created a collaborative project with the public, recording people screaming without restraint in an attempt to explore the given right and therapeutic power of screaming.  DLECTRICITY hosted a Scream Tent on site where the public could participate in the cathartic process and Dağlı was able to record the process on video. The screams of the participants become part of her ongoing documentation of screams around the world. The resulting work “Negotiation between Madness & Sanity” is a collective experiment unleashing the most primitive and urgent. The immersive multimedia installation invites and encourages the public to explore ‘screaming’ as a societal and personal function while aims to provoke a conversation and collaboration with the creative and positive aspects of this meditative and therapeutic urgency.

About Zeynep Dağlı

Zeynep Dağlı is a London-based visual artist with an interest in the negotiations and meditations of internal/external struggles and traumatic experiences. After completing her practice-based PhD titled “The Eyes of Death: Visual Movement from Witness to Spectator”, with four short films, she has continued to research, and produce art works which have been exhibited and projected internationally and in the UK. She has collaborated with disabled artists, performers, scriptwriters, musicians and sound designers, creating film/digital/visual work for a wide range of disabled/non-disabled audiences. Her artistic practice is nourished by research, experimentation and unobtrusive approaches.


DLECTRICITY aspires to engage a broad and diverse audience, create a sense of community and be a place for stimulation and discussion about the impact of art on public spaces. DLECTRICITY, inspired by Nuit Blanche arts festivals from around the world, presented two major light-based art and technology festivals in 2012 and 2014. The spectacular outdoor visual light and art celebration took place along the Woodward Corridor. Attendees were immersed in a landscape of light through groundbreaking installations of video art, 3D video mapping, lasers, interactive design and engineering, and captivating performance. In 2014, DLECTRICITY showcased over 40 internationally acclaimed, local, and emerging artists from around the world, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Detroit.