June 2020 - June 2021

SAHA Sustainability Fund: Covid-19

SAHA supports 21 art projects as part of SAHA Sustainability Fund: Covid-19

SAHA provides support for 21 different project, within SAHA Sustainability Fund: Covid-19, an emergency fund to support initiatives in visual arts or artists with an existing production interrupted by Covid-19 pandemic or with new project proposal addressing issues that have arisen due to the pandemic. 

In addition to the 8 exhibition and research projects to be completed during the first half of 2021, SAHA +, SAHA’s special program for the young enthusiasts under the age of 35, supports 20 art workers through Omuz, founded voluntarily by a group of culture and arts workers who believe in the importance of solidarity and the necessity for unrequited resource sharing to strengthen networks of support in the current environment of economic inequality and insecurity that became more visible during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Applicants to be supported:

AICA Turkey

Atış Serbest


Berat Işık

Body in Perform

Burak Kabadayı


Çınar Eslek

Dilşad Aladağ, Eda Aslan, Esen Karol

Elif Öner & Evrim Kavcar

Ferhat Özgür

Geniş Açı Proje Ofisi

Kıymet Daştan

Gözde Mimiko Türkkan

Müge Yıldız



Pelin Kırca


TAPA (Transformative Art Project for Activists)

Volkan Aslan


Open call for artists and initiatives affected by Covid-19: CLOSED

SAHA – Supporting Contemporary Art from Turkey, calls for a new fund to support initiatives in visual arts or artists with an existing production interrupted by Covid-19 pandemic or with new project proposal addressing issues that have arisen due to the pandemic. Artists and initiatives that require additional support in order to complete exhibitions, programs or projects that remain incomplete or delayed due to the loss of funds or means during the pandemic, as well as those interested in starting a new project that tackles with the issues and needs that have arisen within the visual arts as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, can apply to SAHA Sustainability Fund.SAHA plans to provide a support within a range of 8.000 TL – 20.000 TLfor 15 different art projects affected by Covid-19 or to be conducted in response to the needs of the pandemic era.Last day to submit applications to for SAHA Sustainability Fund: July 2, Thursday.

Application details

Who can apply:-Artists, collectives, and NPOs in visual arts in Turkey can apply.-Commercial entities, individuals, or organizations with a SAHA grant in 2020, or initiatives involving SAHA employees or SAHA members cannot apply.
Application requirements:
-If applying for a new project, the project proposal must include a project concerning the pandemic and the sustainability of independent art production, such as an exhibition, public program, research, archive, networking platform, etc.-If applying for a project affected by the pandemic, the project must have started in 2019-2020 and currently remains unfinished due to lack or loss of source/support-The project must not be affiliated with a commercial organization, nor include any type of commercial activity- The project must be concluded in the first half of 2021-The project must be facilitated with the support of SAHA’s financial contribution

Required documents:-CV and contact information of the applicant/s-Images and text about the content of the applied project-If the project is affected by the pandemic, the reason for the halt-If the project is new, the conceptual framework of the project-Timeline, team and execution plan of the project-Total, detailed budget of the project, including available and existing sources and requested itemsApplication deadline: July 2, Thursday 5 pmAnnouncement of the result: August 10, 2020


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