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Adnan Yıldız
Palais de Tokyo
Summer 2013

KIBLENÜMA is a form of publication composed of texts and images from the research and production process of the exhibition project, A History of Inspiration, part of the summer program, Nouvelles Vagues, of the Palais de Tokyo, Paris. A limited number of copies (10.000) will be distributed, free of charge, during the exhibition at Palais de Tokyo. The main references for this project are two images found on the Internet. Through its given title, the publication refers to a third image; an image of an historical object, a compass-like instrument from the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum. Kıblenüma intends to develop creative directions and critical tools for the discussion of the exhibition. Research and text development: Adnan Yıldız and Dino Dinçer Şirin, Design: Fabian Schewe, Proofreading: Amanda Moore