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Can Altay: Pigeons are People

November 2010


Introduction: Süreyyya Evren

Interview 1/4: November Paynter

No Bar, Just Bottles

Unpredictable Reconfiguration:
Engin Öncüoğlu & Deniz Altay

"We're Papermen", he said

Micro-Politics of the Everyday: Will Bradley

Interview 2/4: November Paynter

Normalization Parts 1 And 2

I Can Do That Too!: Serkan Özkaya

Possibilities Of Thinking & Doing: Tirdad Zolghadr

Ey Ahali! Setting A Setting, Letting A Setting Go

Niche Communities: Valeria Schülte-Fischedick 

Setting A Setting / Forecasting A Broken Past

Interview 3/4: November Paynter

Park: Probably

Interview 4/4: November Paynter 

ISBN: 9783868951264
102 pages