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Bent 005: KILAVUZ

Atıl Kunst
BAS İstanbul Sanat Araştırmaları Derneği
March 2009

KILAVUZ is a guide to the standardized tests SBS, OKS and OYS. These are tests taken by all Turkish students at different stages of their school careers. Their scores determine if, where and on which level they will proceed in their studies. A selection of questions from these tests is reproduced. Reading through them one is confronted by themes and suppositions that permeate the questions, subtly revealing the presumptions and state of mind that inform these questions and the way in which they reflect current events in contemporary Turkey. Illuminating in different way is the index in the back of the book which dryly lists how often certain words or used.

560 pages, 13cm x 19cm, b&w, offset printing
Edition: 750
ISBN : 978-605-4019-00-7