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Bent 001: Pavement Myth-The Life of the Pavement’s Wolf (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Masist Gül
BAS İstanbul Sanat Araştırmaları Derneği
May – October 2006

Masist Gül (1947-2003) was an artist of Armenian origin, who was born and lived in Istanbul. Although he made his living as an actor playing minor roles in over 300 movies, he produced a large amount of collages, drawings and poetry. None of the work was published or exhibited during his life. During the 80's he conceived and made by hand a series of 6 books with the title "Kaldırım Destanı – Kaldırımlar Kurdunun Hayatı" (Pavement Myth – The Life of the Pavement's Wolf) using a periodical comic book format. The first existing reproductions of these originals are published as Bent 001.

52 pages, 17cm x 24cm, colour, offset printing
Edition: 1000
ISBN: 9944-5030-0-2 / 9944-5030-1-0 / 9944-5030-2-9 / 9944-5030-3-7 / 9944-5030-4-5 / 9944-5030-5-3