1 January - 31 December 2020

Frozen Time

Corridor Project Space | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Frozen Time

SAHA supports the new productions of artists from Turkey for their projects at Corridor Project Space, organized as part of the 2020 exhibition program titled Frozen Time. Artists: Egemen Tuncer, Fatma Çiftçi, Merve Ertufan, Özgür Demirci, Mert Yavaşça, Levent Ayata, Borga Kantürk and Shelter Art Space.

Frozen Time reflects our current societal obsession with time. People take courses in time management; many are diagnosed with burnouts; and more and more people actively engage with the concept of living in the here and now. Moreover, the influence and omnipresence of the digital and electronics life in our ordinary, setting up the ideal of a life without pause, making us active at any time of day and night, erasing the difference in working time and leisure time, during activity and sleep, putting the society in a sort of state which of global insomnia increase also this societal obsession. The artists would like to transform the exhibition area into a floating space where the displays of videos can be really highlighted to immerse the viewers into a suspended time, where confusion between real and virtual is poetically occurring.

First exhibition of Frozen Time is “Real Virtuality” of Vincent Ceraudo held on 17 January –9 February 2020. Together with Egemen Tuncer and Vincent Ceraudo, the exhibition "Real Virtuality" is incorporating moving images under different technics, Computer Rendered Images, digital videos, document and models. Ceraudo and Tuncer does not prefer to underline Virtual Reality in a too much didactic sense, by using technical devices such as VR helmets, but on the contrary, they are using video and the exhibition space as a darkroom to transcend to the viewer this feeling of Real Virtuality.

About Corridor Project Space

Corridor Project Space is a both public and private initiative that seeks to function as a cultural cabin, covering all kinds of artistic research and cultural production, as well as bringing together collaborators by opening up a space for new interactions. Also known as De Kijkdoos Public Space, it develops projects that feature international young and emerging artists.


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