7 January - 6 February 2020

Larissa Araz

Dreiviertel | Bern, Switzerland

SAHA provides production support for Larissa Araz’s solo show at Dreiviertel in Bern, Switzerland, held between 7 January – 6 February, 2020.

Larissa Araz, "Word's Don't Come Easy"

“Words Don’t Come Easy”, curated by Nikolay Alutin, is the first solo show by Larissa Araz in Europe. The exhibition reconfigures recent bodies of work by the artist and brings them together in a single topography mapping institutional violence, which is inflicted or subverted by the use of language. Working within the context of contemporary Turkish social and political landscape, Larissa Araz reveals tensions in the relationship between power and linguistic structures, which go beyond any specific locality and span from oppression of marginalized groups to subtle and direct acts of institutional censorship.

About Larissa Araz

Anna Larissa Araz (1990, Istanbul) whose practice focuses on the medium of photography; produces works in a variety of media including text, video and sound. Through a personal viewpoint, she focuses on the topics of history, identity, memory and belonging that are included or not included in social memory. The questions that are not answered by history that we repeatedly ask ourselves-or not anymore- are the main threads of an existential research of the artist. She started her BA in NYU, Steinhardt Media, Communication and Culture at 2010, and continued in Koç University, Media and Visual Arts, Sociology in 2014. Araz co-founded Poşe Open Space with photographer and film producer Öykü Canlı in April 2018.Poşe is conceived with an urge to establish a community. It is a physical and mental open-space for those who feel the need for dialogue and critique. They have displayed 16 exhibitions including solo and group productions along with public programing and video content.

Recent attendance to workshops and residencies include “Articulating Research”, Ben Eastham, Aslı Seven, Merve Ünsal, SALT (2018); “Resource Utopia”, Andreas Rost, Michael Biedowicz, Volkan Kızıltunç, Goethe-Institut İstanbul, NOKS Art Space (2018); La Maison de Barbara Artist Residency (2017); Tony Chakar and Marwa Arsanios “In Seeking Incuriously” Workshop, Salzburg Summer Art Academy (2017). Exhibitions which Araz has attended include “Talk: The Soil I Thread”, Galata Greek School, Istanbul, Turkey (2019); “Chance For a Miracle”, Poşe Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey (2018); “Large Meadow”, Ariel Sanat, Istanbul, Turkey (2018); “Unerlöst”, Corpus G Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey (2018), “Survival Kit”, Cultural Transit Foundation, Yekaterinburg, Russia (2017) and Space Debris, Istanbul, Turkey (2017); “30 under 30 Women Photographers”, Popping Club, Rome, Italy (2017); Printed, Mixer Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey (2017); “Young, Fresh, Different 7”, Gallery Zilberman, Istanbul, Turkey (2016)1; “We are not dead yet!”, Mamut Art, Küçük Çiftlik Park, Istanbul, Turkey (2016); “Second Eye Women Photographers from Turkey”, Sismanoglou Megaro, Istanbul, Turkey (2013).


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