International non-profit art institutions and organizations may apply to SAHA for the funding of new productions and projects of artists and curators invited from Turkey.

SAHA will not review applications submitted individually by artists, curators or researchers. SAHA evaluates the production needs of the projects invited by institutions and organizations. This process is carried out between the institutions in contact with the individual(s) who have been invited by the institution. This model intends to protect the rights and the freedom and artistic integrity of the individual whose project will be supported. 

SAHA Association’s grant scheme prioritizes production costs and publications. The grant cannot be allocated for budget items such as shipping, installation, transportation, accommodation, subsistence and maintenance. As a condition of support SAHA also requires that institutions receiving grants provide the invited curator or artist with a fee. (Applications that do not include this honorarium will not be accepted). Grants will not be awarded to individuals directly or through other intermediary organization; following the approval of the application all issues concerning the agreement, valid invoice and transfer of funds will be managed between SAHA and the institution.

There is no outlined application period for SAHA’s grant scheme; however, applications will be accepted continuously on the condition that they are made a minimum of 6 months prior to the date of the presentation of the project (exhibition opening, book launch date, etc.) for which the grant is requested. Applications for projects with finalized budget and content information will be accepted (including information such as the artists or curators involved, the dates of the project, what works will be produced and their content etc.). Applications for projects without these finalized details may not be evaluated. SAHA responds within 6 weeks after confirming that the application has been fully submitted to itself.

Institutions who would like to receive a grant from SAHA for artists, curators or researchers invited from Turkey, are requested to first examine SAHA’s outlined areas and conditions of support, before taking care to submit an application complying with SAHA’s guidelines.

Project categories that the SAHA grant scheme does not cover:

  • Events or projects organized by commercial enterprises (fairs, galleries, companies etc.)
  • Fields that remain outside of contemporary art events 
  • Projects organized by independent structures that do not hold non-profit status or are not affiliated with an institution or organization.
  • Biennials and similar organizations that require a fee for participation or venue rent from the artist.
  • Educational programs (undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs; seminars and courses)
  • Independent applications made for artist/curator residencies or research programs (with regards to residencies and research programs, SAHA provides grants only for its collaborating institutions. Please click here for SAHA collaborations).
  • Participation in symposiums, panels, seminars, courses and conferences (Individuals who are invited as private speakers may apply).
  • Support to be allocated to operational expenses such as shipping, installation, transportation, accommodation, subsistence, and maintenance as part of an exhibition or an event
  • Group-exhibition catalogues

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