Applications are reported to the Board of Directors following review and pre-evaluation by SAHA’s core team. Taking into account the annual SAHA grant fund and the application criteria, the suggested grants are approved through a majority of votes by the Board of Directors. 

Applications are evaluated taking into consideration the following: 

  • Consistency of the proposed budget 
  • Whether or not grants have previously been provided to the individual for whom the application is made* 
  • New production opportunities 
  • The positive effect the realization of the project could have on the career of the individual for whom the application has been made, 
  • Scope of the submitted project and works** 
  • Geographical distribution 
  • Impact area 
  • Visibility 
  • Diversity of institutions, taking into account previous grants and projects supported, 
  • Yearly strategies and goals of SAHA*** 
  • Network opportunities. 

* Multiple applications for the same artist may be accepted during one year; however; priority will be given to artists who have not been supported previously. 

** The work and all its audio-visual content should be in compliance with the mandatory provisions of the law, not be against any relevant legislation, in particular the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works, and not in violation of the personality and other rights of third parties. 

*** Although numbers are subject to change on an annual basis, and excluding the activity expenses of the association and SAHA Studio, the support funds created by SAHA are distributed as follows: 55% to support the production of new works, 20% to artist and curator residency and research programs of corporate collaborators, 15% to support local and international art programs, and the remaining 10% to support the production of publications. 

For projects that receive a grant, the following list of conditions are accepted by the applying institution: 

  • Attaining of written approval from the individual, the project of whom has been proposed in the application, with regards to SAHA’s support. 
  • Awarding of a minimum honorarium of €500 to the individual receiving support, 
  • Mutual signing of the prepared inter-institution support agreement, 
  • Payment of the grant to be made to the institution upon receipt of the signed invoice approved by SAHA, 
  • Following the realization of the project, the delivery of a Project Report consisting of information such as the net/clarified budget, project information, visuals, and press clippings. 

The application process is carried out with the applying non-profit institution. SAHA does not accept any liability or responsibility for the content of the supported project.   

SAHA determines the projects to be supported after the evaluation of preliminary presentations. SAHA does not have control or supervision over the works produced by artists involved in supported projects. For this reason, it is the responsibility of the respective artists to ensure that the works produced in supported projects do not violate mandatory provisions and infringe the rights of third persons. 

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