2019 - 2022

Centre Pompidou


As part of the collaboration built by SAHA as a member of Centre Pompidou’s International Circle, every year an artwork of an artist from Turkey, selected by museum’s curators, is acquired for the permanent collection of the museum. Established in 2013, the International Circle (IC) has as its mission to gather all Centre Pompidou’s local and international patrons together in one global platform of exchanges, regardless of the geographic region that they would like to promote in Centre Pompidou’s collections.

Artworks acquired to the permanent collection with the support of SAHA

2022: Güneş Terkol, Bridge the Gap (2020) and Dreams on the River (2011)
2021: Hera Büyüktaşçıyan,
Terrestrial I and II (2019) and Foundations (2019)
(with the support of Mehveş Arıburnu, Selman Bilal, Banu Çarmıklı, Füsun Eczacıbaşı, Nesrin Esirtgen, Daniel Grünberg, Ebru Özdemir, Leyla Pekin, Agah Uğur, Ayşe Umur, Gizem Uslu Tümer)
2020: Emre Hüner, Panoptikon (2005)
2019: Halil Altındere,
Homeland (2016)

Centre Pompidou

About Centre Pompidou

Inaugurated in 1977 in Paris and named after the former President Georges Pompidou, Centre Pompidou dedicates itself to bringing together visual arts, literature, music, cinema and design under one cultural complex. The building is home to extensive galleries, featuring both visiting exhibitions and selections from its permanent collection of modern and contemporary art, in addition to a large public library, cinema and a concert hall. Centre Pompidou hosts Europe's leading collection of modern and contemporary art, as well as one of the largest in the world with over 100.000 works dating from 1905 to the present day, which nonetheless includes other collections in the fields of photography, graphic art, new media, and cinema.


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