2012 - 2014

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart


Künstlerhaus Stuttgart and SAHA established a partnership between 2012-2014 as part of its artistic research program initiated by its current director Adnan Yıldız, appointed in 2011. This collaboration enabled the participation of artists and curators from Turkey to several exhibitions and projects facilitated at the institution.

SAHA supported participants of the program

Adnan Yıldız
Adnan Yıldız
Exhibition: Cevdet Erek, “Pattern and Anti Pattern”
Adnan Yıldız
Exhibitions: Nevin Aladağ, “Back to First Position”; Şener Özmen, “The Story of Şener Özmen”; Nilbar Güreş, “Self-Defloration”; Bora Tanay, “Stuttgart, How Are You Doing”; Ahmet Öğüt, “Echt? Based on a True Story”

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

About Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

Founded in 1978, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart operates as a contemporary art space aiming to open new dialogues in the fields of art, architecture, design and theory by organizing local and international events.


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