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Residency at Golubitskoe Art Foundation

SAHA Association is pleased to announce an open call for the residency at Golubitskoe Art Foundation in the Russian Federation, as part of the international research exchange program "Contact Zones: Azov, Black and Caspian Seas", which is designed to promote cultural exchange, international collaboration and research into historical context and art of the region. 

As per the residential exchange program between the art residence of the Golubitskoe Art Foundation and SAHA Studio, a non-artist participant from Russia will be received by SAHA Studio in Istanbul, whereas a participant from Turkey will be hosted concurrently at the art residence of Zarya Foundation for the Development of Art, by the Golubitskoe Art Foundation, located in Krasnodar Region.

Applicants are encouraged to develop research projects based on specific time periods, themes or phenomena as part of a broader interdisciplinary study and comparative analysis of the history, art, and culture of Russia and Turkey, and the relevant geographies. 

Applications are accepted until February 21, 2022.

A final decision on applications received will be made in April 2022.
The duration of the residence is 6 weeks from May to June 2022.

Selection criteria

·       Artists with a contextual motivation: focusing on the history of the region of the participant and its relationship with the local histories of the region of the hosting institution, or exploring the local context of the residency;
·       Clearly formulated concept and objectives of the proposed project in English;
·       Description of the project implementation process (exhibitions, lectures, performances, etc.);
·       Citizen or resident of the Republic of Turkey;
·       Good command of English and/or Russian.

Coverage of the residency

·       Round-trip airfare to Moscow, visa fees and travel insurances;
·       Research grant covering per diem and research materials for the duration of 6 weeks;
·       Housing in Golubitskoe Art Foundation – a residence of Zarya Foundation for the Development of Contemporary Art for the duration of the residence;
·       Necessary administrative assistance for the process of visa applications and on the site of the residency upon arrival for the coordination of research, and acquaintanance with the local context, as well as with the representatives of local institutions and other specialists.

The terms of participation

·       Implementation of an exhibition project or holding a lecture, master class, performance in a host institution;
·       Interaction with other Golubitskoe Art Foundation residents and participation in community life;
·       Submission of all research-related documents, originals or digital copies of materials collected during the study period, and a written report (including possible interviews, bibliography, and photo documentation) to the SAHA Association and the Golubitskoe Art Foundation upon completion of the residence within 1 month upon return;
·       Provision of materials for the final catalog of the "Contact Zones" program.

Application requirements

The application must be submitted in English, as one merged PDF file including:

·       The application form;
·       CV;
·       Portfolio of recent projects, exhibitions, publications, or fragments of research papers;
·       The project proposal with:

o   Brief description (max. 1,000 words) of the proposed study and its components justifying the need to conduct this study in the selected institution;
o   Research plan/methodology directly related to the local context;
o   The expected result of the research and the proposal of the format of its public presentation in the host institution;
o   Five images or illustrations relevant to the proposed study.

A final decision on applications received will be made in April 2022.

The application materials must be sent as one merged PDF document to with the subject “Contact Zones 2022”. 

All applicants will receive a confirmation email after the deadline date. 
If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact:

About Golubitkoe Art Foundation

Golubitskoe Art Residency works to nurture and support research and exhibition projects by artists, curators, writers, historians, archaeologists, musicians, and interdisciplinary researchers. It pays particular attention to the projects that focus on the local context. 

An international year-round residency for artists, curators, writers, historians, archaeologists, musicians, and interdisciplinary researchers opened on the Taman Peninsula, in Golubitskoe Estate in July 2020. The Residency is situated on the grounds of the Golubitskoe Estate winery which provides participants with an opportunity to work in a secluded eco-friendly location with a rich history. The main goal of the residency is to support Russian artists and to foster international cultural collaboration with partner institutions. Golubitskoe Art Foundation runs the Contact Zones: Azov, Black and Caspian Seas program that facilitates residential exchange between Russia and partner art institutions from the neighbouring countries.

Golubitskoe Art Residency


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