11 June - 2 October 2022

Fatma Bucak

Kunsthaus Dresden | Germany

SAHA provides support for Fatma Bucak’s solo exhibition titled While the Dust Quickly Falls in Kunsthaus Dresden. Bucak engaged in fieldwork across the Mediterranean region for this research-based exhibition which moves across disparate geographies – Eastern Anatolia, the Golan Heights, Damascus, Sardinia, Baghdad, and Istanbul – connected by the catastrophic impact that conflict and war has had on their ecologies. 

Bucak asks to consider how political violence accelerates environmental destruction and climate change and dwells on endangered and extinct plants and the non-human in new works from this year such as A Tree, which is composed of thousands of burned organic remnants from last summer’s Mediterranean forest fires.

While the Dust Quickly Falls is Bucak’s first solo exhibition in Germany, and features a living environment, video, sculpture, mosaic, and sound works. The exhibition is on view between 11 June - 2 October 2022.

Fatma Bucak(1984, Iskenderun) graduated from the Royal College of Art in London with a MA in Photography. Bucak also studied Graphics at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti and Philosophy at the Istanbul University. Bucak's works bring together performance, video and photography and portray observations from reality as well as constructed fictional and mythological frames. In her works, a certain stance of sexual identity brings various stories that carry truth and political power into a mise en scene. Within this view, issues such as male dominance, religion, cultural displacement, presence and absence are tackled with a clearly pragmatic approach. Fatma Bucak lives and works in Turin and Istanbul.

About Kunsthaus Dresden

A municipal gallery for contemporary art, the Kunsthaus Dresden endeavors to offer a broad public insight into the art world through changing exhibitions of contemporary art. The exhibitions are conceptualized and carried out by a small team and address specific and typically current topics of contemporary art oriented towards an international spectrum. One of the main objectives of the Kunsthaus Dresden is to make artistic forms of expression and content more accessible to a broad public.

Perpetual Lure And Insistent Fear


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