1 November – 1 December 2020

Sena Başöz

Lotsremark Projekte | Basel, Switzerland

Ars Oblivionis

SAHA provides support for Sena Başöz’s solo exhibition at Lotsremark Projekte in Basel, held on 1 November – 1 December 2020.

Sena Başöz’s work focuses on the conditions for the activation of institutional archives while questioning what happens to personal archives, stories and accumulated knowledge that do not fit into the institutional realm at the same time. She examines healing processes after cases of trauma. Lately she has focused on topics like death, regeneration, renewal and liberation. The renewal processes of the organism and the equilibrium that nature maintains in the long run form the substance of the narratives that she uses in her work.The artist explores the effects and potentials of natural elements such as wind and water that have turbulence through her work. Small changes that form in the structure of the turbulence can lead to a larger change in time. Sena Başöz would like to examine the waters of the Rhine and its flora as a metaphor for her artistic research on archives. She createda site-specific installation in herexhibition Ars Oblivionis as a result of this research.

About Sena Başöz

Sena Başöz is an artist and filmmaker living and working in Istanbul. She received her BA in Economics from Boğaziçi University in 2002 and MFA from Bard College in Film and Video in 2010. Her recent exhibitions include her solo show On Lightness at DEPO Istanbul, Studio Bosporus at Hamburger Bahnhof, Quiet Dialogue at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Sharjah Biennial Offsite Exhibition: Bahar, Istanbul and a duo exhibition at Memphis Gallery-Linz (with Lisa Truttman). Her films have been screened at Cannes Film Festival, Crossing Europe, Jihlava IDFF, Gran Paradiso and many other festivals. She participated in artist residencies at Cité Internationale des Arts Paris, Atelierhaus Salzamt Linz and Delfina Foundation, London.

Sena Başöz’s artwork deals with healing processes after cases of trauma focusing on care and the ways nature self-regenerates creating a balance in the long run. 

About Lotsremark Projekte

Founded in 2012 in Basel by Janine Stoll & Harald Kraemer. Lotsremark Projekte is also active in Hong Kong since 2014. It is a non-profit independent space promoting cultural exchange between Switzerland and abroad. As a platform for artistic production and art publications, Lotsremark invites artists to its artist-in residence programme wich is providing studio, as well as living and exhibition space. In addition to the exhibitions, Lotsremark develops a suitable offer of art education and also workshops for kids and adults.


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