07 - 10 July 2022

Göksu Kunak a.k.a Gucci Chunk

Musik Installationen Nürnberg | Germany

SAHA provides production support for Göksu Kunak’s latest project within the scope of Nuremberg Music Installations- Festival for SpaceTimeBody Musical Works. Kunak is developing an immersive performance installation which explores the internalisation of Western clichés in non-Western pop cultural contexts.

 At the “Nuremberg Music Installations” Festival, the public will be able to experience eight music-performative installations at selected locations in Nuremberg. Due to its participative approach, the festival represents a counter-model to the hierarchical division of labour by composers, conductors and musicians, the separation of the stage and audience, and the typical concert structure of performance-applause. The festival can be attended between 7 July- 10 July 2022.

Göksu Kunak (Ankara, 1985) is a writer, performer, and performance maker based in Berlin. Kunak’s interest lies in queer methodologies (especially chronopolitics) and hybrid texts that deal with the performative lingo(s) of contemporary lifestyles. As a non-native English writer, their texts play with multilingualism and syntax. Influenced by Arabesk culture and late modernities, Göksu imagines new situations out of real encounters that point out the problematics of hetero-patriarchal structures. Orientalism, self-Orientalization (the perception of the 'Eastern', and how the Eastern sees themselves through this construction), as well as Eastern masculinities in relation to state governmentality; queer camouflage and self-censorship are other interests of Göksu. 

About the Musik Installationen Nürnberg

Founded and directed by the editor and curator Bastian Zimmermann and the composer and curator Laure M. Hiendl. Zimmermann Musik Installationen Nürnberg is a festival for music as performative spatial art. In a departure from the closedness of historically linear thinking and the associated dramaturgies of Western-influenced art music, this festival seeks the openness and expanse of musical landscapes, and thus aims to valorise space and spatiality as a central musical moment of experience. Accordingly, music installations are musical-performative situations that represent a fundamentally different understanding of spatiality and temporality and thus take into account a non-linear understanding of history that tends to situate us in a perpetual, opaque present.


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