23 - 26 June 2022

İrem Tok

S.O.F.A Shared Office For Arts APS, GIUNGLA Fest | Lucca, Italy

SAHA provides production support for İrem Tok’s new project titled Hydromancy for S.O.F.A Shared Office For the Arts within the scope of the Giungla Festival, which is an art festival that takes place since 2020 and dwells on the complex relationship between humans, the Nature and technology. Curated by Irene Panzani, the festival can be attended on 23 June - 26 June at Lucca Botanical Garden.

 Four days of workshops, performances, presentations, projections, night-time explorations, talks, meetings and activities for children, as well as a collective exhibition in which artist Irem Tok participates with a site-specific work.

 This year's theme is "JUNGLE on the moon": a tribute to those who have travelled between the earth and its pale satellite to regain their lost wits, to challenge boundaries, to blaze a trail, on a whim or out of a spirit of adventure. But also an ode to the fascination of the infinitely large that hides an infinitely small, of cycles and changes, and of all the nocturnal creatures that over time have been considered bizarre or anomalous - not only witches, lunatics, magical beings; also scholars, mystics, visionaries misunderstood in their own time but consecrated by history -, with the idea that the lunar people can suggest new research tools to science and new forms of life and relationships to people, far from today's alienation and frenzy.

Irem Tok (1982, Istanbul) ‘s works found their base on concepts such as helplessness, fragility, temporariness of being a human and develop through one’s relationship with nature and knowledge. Nature’s coexistence with humanity and civilization, as well as it’s clash, holds an important place in her works. She is interested in the concept of constructed history, the irony of human’s attempts to understand the whole universe. Tok is inspired by poetry, litterature as the products of human’s inner life, science and philosophy as the products of struggle to understand the cosmos. İrem Tok lives in Istanbul.

 About Giungla Fest

 GIUNGLA is a project by S.o.f.a. APS in collaboration with: Comune di Lucca - Orto Botanico - Biblioteca Civica Agorà. With the contribution of: Fondazione Cassa di risparmio di Lucca, Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca, SAHA Association. Supporters: CCH Tagetik expert solution Wolters Kluwer, LAMM Analisi, Farmacia Maffei, Mecenatismo Postmoderno - Elisa Mencarini, Çanakkale Biennial, Amici dell'Agorà, LuccAut, A.DI.PA, Talea. Technical partners: LuccArtigiani, Ostello La Salana.



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