8 October – 15 November 2021

SAHA Art Initiatives Sustainability Fund

Sustainability Funds 2021-2022

SAHA announced the results of its open call for the SAHA Sustainability Fund, founded for the sustainability of independent art initiatives across Turkey, in addition to SAHA's regular support to the Istanbul, Çanakkale, Mardin and Sinop biennials. As a result of the evaluation of 36 applications, a total of 415,000 TL is allocated to 12 independent art initiatives from 8 different cities and digital media, Ankara, Bursa, Çanakkale, Diyarbakır, Mardin, Mersin, İstanbul and İzmir, to be used throughout 2022. SAHA also provides assistance to the initiatives to elaborate new projects and collaborations in line with their needs and programs.

Initiated in 2019 to support independent art writers, SAHA Art Writing continues in collaboration with led by curator Özge Ersoy and artist Merve Ünsal in 2022.

The funding was launched in 2014 by the SAHA Association to support the development of not-for-profit art initiatives in Turkey. The SAHA Art Initiatives Sustainability Fund was given to 5533, Pasaj and Torun in 2014-2015; Apartment Project, BAS, m-est, Torun and Videoist in 2015-2016; Corridor Project Space, MARS, Orta Format, Space Debris and TOZ Artist Run Space in 2016-2017; Loading, MARS, OJ, Orta Format and Tasarım Bakkalı in 2017-2018. SAHA expanded the framework of the funding in 2018-2019 to support the initiatives across 5 different cities: AVTO, Hayy Açık Alan, Loading, NOKS, Performistanbul, sub and Torun. As part of Art Initiatives Sustainability Fund 2019-2020, SAHA provided support for 8 initiatives in 5 different cities: A4 Open Art Space, AVTO, Eldem Art Space, Karantina, Loading, Orta Format, Performistanbul, sub. In 2020-2021, SAHA provided support for 10 independent art initiatives from 5 different cities and an online platform: 5533, Analytic Art Group, Are Projects, AVTO, Darağaç, Kendine Ait Bir Oda, Loading, NOKS, Orta Format, Performistanbul.


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