2022 | Elmas Deniz | Elmas Deniz

The series of texts we launched in April 2022 at where artists interpret weather reports continues with an interview with the artist Elmas Deniz. Our conversation was shaped by an effort to describe the pressure areas we inhabit. This text, which can also be read as the negotiation between the artist’s desire to represent the world they live in with the responsibility of to sense and to keep records, takes me to another text that Elmas and I produced in collaboration: In our Self-Doubt performances in 2016, we asked each other whether the source of our anxiety could be entirely from within. We both continue to think about the possibility of trying to describe together—adopting the sharing, transmitting, passing on as a method—, which lies at the core of the act of reporting.


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Elmas Deniz, A Conversation at the Isle of Mollusks, 2020. Video, 15’.
Elmas Deniz, History of a Particular Nameless Creek, 2019. Photo by Kayhan Kaygusuz. Botanical drawings in watercolor.
Elmas Deniz, Eluding “humans,” 2019. Lightbox.
Elmas Deniz, About soft bodied evils, 2019. Video, 05’30”.
Elmas Deniz, Lost Waters, 2019. 3D wood relief. Photo by Sahir Ugur Eren.
Elmas Deniz, Under the Panorama, 2012. Mixed media object.


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